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How To Boost Your Self Esteem and Self Confidence

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I never realised how much my negativity was affecting my life until I started your course. Now I have changed my thinking and feel like the real ME, I’ve been missing all these years” Jenny. T. Melbourne Mum 

How does Our Self Confidence Boost program work?

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Week by week our online course seamlessly guides you through proven tools to powerfully learn how to be more confident. Unlike other program, it has been built on the methods and techniques used with clients in personalised one-on-one coaching, so that you feel supported throughout the process, without having to spend a fortune on coaching to achieve the same result. Plus, once you sign up to the program, you can go back at any time and tack up where you left off, top up on specific skills, or re-energise your emotions when you need it most.

Happy people tend to feel more optimistic about life, have a strong self esteem / sense of self worth and are much more resilient to cope with life’s ups and downs.

Your Self Confidence Boost program begins with boosting your optimism.

The program then leads on to altering the way you perceive yourself and transitioning from negative to more positive and healthy thinking styles.

Finally, the online course guides you through proven techniques to reduce self criticism and health and move past negative experiences from the past.

Your Self Confidence Boost program is designed to create a strong and resilient self-confidence. It runs over 6 Modules – each based on the principles used in one-on-one personal coaching.

Boosting Self esteem online program target areas

1. Building Optimism

Optimism is the key to happiness. Optimistic people are generally happier. Optimists have a more positive outlook on life, have a lower risk of depression and have better overall health and coping skills compared with pessimists.

View a Sample Video from Week 1 of  our online self esteem building program

2. Improving your self image

People with a high self-esteem generally have more positive opinions of themselves which helps them to present their best foot forward in everyday life and professionally. Positive people also tend to eat healthier foods which results in a healthier and happier perspective of oneself also.

3. Finding your inner positive voice again

Positive people believe in themselves and are confident enough to be able to give others complements. Positive people also tend to have a more positive inner voice, thus the messages they are sending themselves increase their overall levels of happiness and ability to cope with life’s ups and downs.

4.  How to become a more positive thinker

Positive thinking makes you physically stronger, whereas negative thinking drains your energy and leaves you physically weak. When you think negatively, you’re often twisting the truth, so it’s important to challenge negative thoughts, find the real truth in your thinking and replace the negative thoughts with more realistic and valid positive thinking.

5. Developing unstoppable confidence in the face of criticism

We’re often our worst critics. We rarely congratulate ourselves or others for achieving success and find it much easier to berate ourselves when we feel we’ve made a mistake. When you have a low self self-esteem it can be even more difficult to cope with negative criticism from others. Learning to cope with external criticism and to stop punishing yourself for your ‘mistakes’ is critical to achieving long term happiness.

6. Healing and succeeding – clearing your past baggage

Guilt is often the emotion that prevents you from moving past previous experiences. We can spend many hours in the day worrying about things in the past, or feeling like victims of our past traumas. It’s important to break from the shackles of the past, start to live in the moment and stop letting your past history shape your future as well.

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“Do You Have These Symptoms of Anxiety?”

Does having a high self esteem really improve your life?

        • When you lack self confidence, you are less assertive with friends, family, colleagues and even strangers
        • When you don’t believe in yourself, you allow fear to rule your life and the decisions that rule your behaviours.
        • When you feel anxious about pleasing others, you often sacrifice your own needs in order to keep the peace.


 What is low self esteem?

Happy people tend to feel more optimistic about life, have a strong self esteem / sense of self worth and are much more resilient to cope with life’s ups and downs. However, when your self esteem or self confidence is low, your negative thinking can lead to depression.

Your self esteem in based on the way you perceive yourself. When you experience low self esteem, you tend to feel less confident, less self assured and less happy. This is primarily due to the regular negative messages you send yourself throughout the day. For instance, telling yourself “I’m an idiot” after making a mistake, worrying incessantly that you won’t be liked if someone doesn’t respond to your messages quickly, or convincing yourself that you will be fired because you’re running late for work today.

How healthy is your self esteem?

          • Do you often feel you’re not good enough, anxious, inferior to other people, worthless, or unattractive?
          • Do you ever feel hopeless?
          • Do you ever feel like a failure?
          • Do you feel sensitive?
          • Do you ever feel emotional and/or negative?
          • Do you ever feel sad or angry, or tend to focus on the negatives in life?
          • Do you fear new experiences?
          • Do you repeat the same patterns in personal relationships?
          • Do you ever lack confidence at work, in social situations, or in new relationships?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions, our services could really help you to feel self empowered, self confident and self assured.


What if there was a way to start building your self esteem today?

Well there is. The Happy Life self esteem program is designed to create a strong and resilient self-esteem. The program is based on the principles used in one-on-one personal life coaching and counselling. These principles encompass the core issues at the heart of unhappiness and low self esteem. As you read every word of this page, you will discover how you can boost your confidence from the privacy of your own home in as little as 6 weeks, without having to spend a fortune on personalised self esteem, presenting, or relationship coaching.

Lack of self confidence is often driven by fear and anxiety which can significantly affect your health, family, relationships, career and finances. Anxiety can happen at any stage of life, but research shows us that it is most common in women during pregnancy and in the year following childbirth.

Feelings of anxiety are common, but with the right tools, anxiety is definitely manageable

How many times has your poor self confidence stopped you from speaking up, going on a date, attending a social event, sticking to your healthy diet or maintaining a new exercise program?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you?

  1. For as long as you can remember you have wanted to achieve a particular goal. You’ve dreamt about it and worked towards achieving it. Then one day an opportunity arises to reach that goal, but you find a way to talk yourself out of it? Why, because your anxiety gets the better of you and you let yourself down again.
  2. You attend a mothers group meeting and start to panic because everyone else seems to be coping so well and you’re feeling overtired and emotional. Instead of admitting how you’re really feeling, you begin to avoid the sessions all together, that way you won’t have to worry about being judged for being ‘different’.
  3. You are on maternity leave and someone else has replaced you whilst you’re on leave. At first you’re not too worried about it, but as the time passes and you spend more and more time at home with the baby, you begin to worry about whether or not you are going to have a good job to come back to and whether they will still want you now that you have been replaced. Instead of focussing on your positives, you start to get anxious about work and find it difficult to enjoy the time away from work with your new baby.
  4. As a result of a new career, your partner has become very busy at work. Instead of taking time out to discuss your feelings and come to an understanding about your needs, you excessively argue as your insecurities blow out of control. As a result of your low self confidence, you place even further straight on your relationship.
  5. You have been feeling depressed about your weight and have just found the perfect weight loss program to meet your needs. You begin the program and everything seems to be going well. All of a sudden your busy schedule multiplies and you begin to feel more emotional, stressed and overwhelmed. Instead of using this new healthy living program to increase your energy levels, you begin to boost your energy (short term) through the consumption of high fat, sugar laden foods, only to feel more depressed and anxious as a result of letting yourself down.

These scenarios are shared by many people all over the world.


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“I am loving week 1 of the self-esteem course already”

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“I’ve loved the 1st week of the Self Esteem Course. Having the flexibility to do it at my own pace worked so well. Ready to go onto week two now”. Tracy. C. Melb professional 

What would you expect to pay for a comprehensive complete 6 Module course that combines the highly effective self confidence building techniques clients pay up to $300 per session for?

You would have to buy 6 personalised session to match the power of this course and that would cost you more than $1800.

But the Happy Life Online Self Confidence Boost Program doesn’t even cost half of the combined cost of these sessions.

Your investment, including a FREE Bonus Online Personalised Coaching Session, valued at $180, is only $199.

That’s only a small fraction of the cost of all those coaching sessions put together.

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As an additional bonus, once you complete the course you will receive regular videos and podcasts to give your self esteem and self confidence a regular boost.