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calm parenting workshops

How To Become A Calm Parent and Raise Happy / Healthy Children

calm parenting workshops

Calm Parenting Workshops

Calm Parenting Workshops

Our Next Calm Parenting Workshop Will Be Held In Melbourne In July/August 2019

Calm Parenting Workshop

Calm Parenting Workshops

We have Partnered with the Peace Centre to bring you a range of calm parenting workshops catering to meet carers real needs.

When you become a parent you are given the basics and then have to try to navigate the plethora of information about how to be a good parent. But no-one really explains to you the importance of understanding:

  • your child’s temperament and how this impacts his/her sleep, behaviour and reactions
  • your child’s brain development at particular life stages and how this impacts their life at that point
  • why working on developing a strong self esteem, self confidence, resilience and health is vital to the success of your parenting
  • the difference soothing and settling methods that will work for your particular child and why ‘one-size- does-not-fit-all’
  • and so on….

it’s no wonder so many parents report feeling judged, exhausted, overwhelmed and insecure.

A recent Galaxy study found that 9 out of 10 Australian mums are damaging their health trying to be the perfect mum, it’s no wonder mothers are crying out for some clarity, peace of mind and “ME TIME”.

“Research shows when a mother’s parenting style matches up well with her child’s temperament, the child experiences half as many symptoms of depression and anxiety”

The Peace Centre Calm Parenting Workshops are  Designed For Parents Real Needs

It’s not just about having time-out. The aim of our Calm Parenting Workshops is to rejuvenate you, empower you and to remove the negative baggage that has influenced your life up to now. It’s about wiping the slate clean.

The aim of our calm parenting workshops is to get you back to your ‘natural’ state and give you the resolve to cope better with life’s stressors that impact all mothers.

Get answers to your burning questions

Most parents are getting by, but wish they could be calmer, more in control and less anxious. Financial stress, relationships stress and health related stress, often get in the way of effective parenting. Parents pick a style and hope for the best. When things don’t go as planned it’s easy to engage in emotional parenting, rather than calm parenting. Unfortunately emotional parenting often leads to insecurity, self doubt, depression and anxiety in children. So attending a workshop to understand your needs and the needs of your child is vital for long term health, happiness and success – for you and your child.

calm parenting workshop

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Our Next Calm Parenting Workshop Will Be Held In Melbourne During July/August 2019.

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Calm Parenting Workshop