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Giving Busy Mothers
Peace of Mind and Confidence


Empowering Mums
To Feel Confident, Healthy & Happy

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Couple Counselling

  • Learn how to stop fighting
  • Improve your intimacy
  • Resolve conflict
  • Support when dealing with a break up
  • Training in how to develop healthier relationships
  • Get help to avoid your marriage breakdown
motherhood and self esteem

Counselling for Mums

  • Reduce insecurity
  • Planning to go back to work
  • Prenatal depression support
  • Strategies for coping with loneliness and depression
  • Discover how to be a good parent
  • Coping with depression during pregnancy



Mums Returning To Work

  • Career planning
  • Tools for how to stop feeling lonely
  • Training in how to reduce fear of public speaking
  • Stress reduction strategies
  • Advice for how to stop being insecure
  • Gain assertiveness and self confidence skills

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