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About Help For Mums

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Lizzie O'halloran - help for mums counselling professionals

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Lizzie O’Halloran, BBSc, MASR, NLP, Dip PM

The Founder of Help For Mums and Author of Refresh Your Life and Perfect Mum

Lizzie O’Halloran is a Professional Speaker, Writer, Therapist and Career Mentor based in Melbourne. Her clients include professionals, mothers and students seeking assistance with a range of personal and professional issues.

Born in Uruguay, South America and moving from State to State throughout Australia, she finally settled in Melbourne where she now resides. This nomadic lifestyle entrusted her with an innate ability to easily and quickly connect with people from all walks of life and efficiently get to the heart of her client’s needs.

Lizzie is a Psychology Major with a passion for fostering self-esteem, motivation and wellbeing in her clients. In addition to her undergraduate psychology training from LaTrobe University, Lizzie also has a Diploma in Project Management from Swimburne University, a Masters Degree from Monash University and further professionally trained in Neurolinguistic Programming. She is also a Registered member of the Australian Counselling Association.

Lizzie has always been passionate about health and wellbeing. As a child she competed in Ballet and Callisthenics competitions and progressed to competing Nationally and Internationally in INBA Miss Fitness Championships (sponsored by Everlast Clothing and Powerbar). Most notably Lizzie won the INBA Miss South Coast Title in 1997 and was subsequently selected to represented Australia in the INBA Miss Universe Titles in Las Vegas.

Lizzie founded Happy Life – an organisation that aims to empower clients to heal, grow, succeed and feel supported throughout the process. Happy Life was expanded in 2009 to incorporate Help For Mums to support mothers during their emotional journey into parenthood.

Lizzie published her first book (Refresh Your Life – a kick-start healthy living and weightloss program) in 2005. She was a regular guest Health Expert presenter on 3AW Radio for over a year, including presenting in the 3AW box at The Australian Open in 2008. Her second book Perfect Mum was released in 2016 to provide mothers with tools and advice to learn how to trust their instincts, mend their self-esteem and cope with the endless demands of motherhood.

Lizzie lives with her husband and two children. She sees clients in her Armadale office, but mainly coaches clients over the phone, after an initial in-person consultation at Armadale (when requested). She consults with clients during the week and on Saturday mornings. She regularly posts healthy living advice on social media and writes freelance to support media requests and needs.
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2005 Company Founded

About Help For Mums

happy motherHelp For Mums is a Division of Happy Life – an organisation that is dedicated to empowering professionals and mothers to grow, succeed, achieve and feel supported throughout the process. Happy Life was expanded in 2009 to incorporate Help For Mums to support mothers during their emotional journey into parenthood.



help for mums counselling professionals

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Dr Paul O’Halloran, BBSc, GDipHlth(Psych), PhD La Trobe, MAPS

About Dr Paul O’Halloran

Dr Paul O’Halloran is a registered psychologist and is a member of the College of Health Psychologists. He has worked in academia for close to 10 years. Paul’s academic training while relatively diverse, was focused principally in the area of Health Psychology. While he has a wide range of interests that includes fields such as research methods and communication processes in health, he is most passionate about theoretical and applied aspects of Health Psychology, particularly as it relates to public health. This is reflected in both his research interests and teaching.

In addition to Paul’s academic interests, he works clinically as a health psychologist with both individuals (e.g., helping individuals change health-related behaviours such as smoking and exercise; working with individuals to facilitate coping with injury and illness; helping individuals cope with anxiety and depression) and groups (e.g., Paul has run stress management workshops in several large corporations). He has also worked as a performance psychologist and counsellor with individual athletes in sports such as swimming, running, football, and tennis and has been a consultant with state and national level teams in sports such as hockey, basketball, and swimming.

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Thank-you so much for all your support over the past year. Having a personalised life coach to support me through my career change was invaluable.

Jenny. S, 2016

You have completely changed my life. I honestly didn’t think I needed to see a counsellor, but talking through my problems and having steps to actually make changes in my life has been amazing.

Tony Smyth, 2014

Thanks so much for everything you have done for me. Everything we mapped out and envisaged has come to fruition. I am so happy.

Janet Fitsgibbon, 2016

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