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Thank-you for taking the time to visit us. I can imagine if you’re reading this, you’re currently having a few issues in your relationship that don’t seem to be easy to fix. Relationship problems are common, so you are not alone. However, there are many things we can do in marriage counselling to get your relationship back on track.

Often in relationships there is a breakdown of communication, trust or respect. When these elements break down it can be very hard to regain the closeness you once had. One of the first things we do in therapy is make sure that you really understand each other’s needs and how best you like to communicate, so that you can get back on track in a calmer and loving manner.

One of the anxieties that couples can have about coming to therapy is that someone is going to be blamed, or judged for actions within the relationship. However, once they attend their first session they quickly see that this is NOT what couples coaching is all about. Our aim is to help you to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other’s needs. To find the best ways to rekindle lost intimacy and to rebuild trust and respect in the relationship.

Sometimes, couples come to see me because they have tried everything and just want to find a way to separate amicably. This is particularly important when there are children involved. In these cases, we work on finding common ground and reducing anger, so that separation can be entered into without future pain, suffering and resentment.

A New Approach To Marriage Counselling

When couples come to see us for marriage counselling they often complain about having spent time in therapy in the past, or even years trying to improve their current problems alone, without success. This failure often stems from being with a therapist who just listened to their problems, but did not provide any real strategies, or empower them with helpful strategies to improve intimacy, communicate with respect and to feel appreciated and loved within the relationship.

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My husband and I attended marriage counselling with Lizzie after our first child. He was very reluctant to attend, but left our first session feeling really relieved that we had gone. After only a few sessions we worked out that a lot of our arguments were due to insecurities I had over past relationships that I was bringing into our life. My husband was also reacting in a very aggressive way towards me every time my insecurities would set in – so it was getting pretty heated at home. Six months on, and I can honestly say we are in a much better place. I have taken time out to work on my low self-esteem and we have used our therapy techniques to work as a team throughout this process. I couldn’t be more grateful.

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