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About Help For Mums and Lizzie O'Halloran

About us

Lizzie O’Halloran – Founder of Help For Mums 

When I was 16 I had my own babysitting business. Mothers would often confide in me about how little time they had for themselves, their health, relationships and to have fun with their children. So at a very young age I observed how hard mothers found making themselves a priority after having children.  This planted a seed in my mind very early on. Many years later, I observed the same issues in the busy mums and couples who presented to my clinic with similar issues: self-doubt over parenting skills, lack of intimacy, exhaustion, stifled careers, loneliness and so on. When I became a mum it became more obvious there were loads of resources on how to parent, but very little support around how mothers should look after themselves during parenthood, even though parental wellbeing directly impacts on the wellbeing of a child. This discovery and my own experience becoming a mother, led to writing my second book ‘Perfect Mum’.

Most women know what to do to get fit and healthy, but there is a lack of support and information to boost motivation. Parents are also bombarded with information from experts and are now feeling more stressed out, overwhelmed and depressed than ever. There are plenty of services on the market to help busy women to be better carers and supporters of others, but very little, if anything that supports these busy women specifically to empower them with the skills to improve their relationships, feel happier about their parenting, excel in their careers without feeling guilty, take control of their finances and connect socially – all in one space. This is where my Vision for Help For Mums began.

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Lizzie O’Halloran, Founder of Help For Mums

Lizzie O’Halloran Speaks About The Foundation of Help For Mums

In 2005 I founded Happy Life & Help For Mums, which incorporates a holistic approach to empowering busy women to take control of their lives, to feel happier and healthier through high self esteem and self confidence. Through mu counselling business, I was able to create a range of support vehicles to get busy women and mothers back on track. However, many of their issues were relationship based, so I began seeing clients in couples therapy. Over the years I have supported many parents and mothers to get to the heart of personal and professional issues. To learn how to communication better and really understand each other needs – as we as supporting healthy separation (where possible) to ensure children are least affected when a family breaks up.

Being a Selfless Mother

Being a selfless mother, does not mean ignoring your own needs. In fact, when you ignore your own health and wellbeing it becomes very difficult to be an effective and successful mother. Making your health and wellbeing a priority in motherhood gives you the strength to handle the stress that comes with parenting and juggling multiple roles and also ensures you are a positive role model for your child.

Returning to work is a critical time for mothers

When mothers return to work after maternity leave they are no longer ‘new mums’ and hence others assume they are coping well. However, most new mums returning to work will tell you they are experiencing a range of emotions which can cause significant detriment to their overall wellbeing if not addressed.

Over the years I have seen the same pattern in mothers who suffer in silence when they return to work and then spend years feeling guilty, overwhelmed, disorganised, depressed and like failures in almost every aspect of their lives as they try to be perfect mothers, partners, friends, family members and professionals. In order to support new mothers returning to work, I created  The Vibrant Mum Program to empower new mothers with the self-confidence, social network, financial stability and health needed in order to be effective and happy parents, professionals, friends, family members and lovers.

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Empowering Mothers To Live Their Best Lives

About Help For Mums

vibrant mum program by lizzie o'halloranHelp For Mums is a Division of Happy Life – an organisation that is dedicated to empowering professionals new mothers to feel successful through increasing control, self assurance and vitality. Happy Life was expanded to incorporate Help For Mums to support mothers during their emotional journey into parenthood and when returning to work after maternity leave.


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Dr Paul O’Halloran, BBSc, GDipHlth(Psych), PhD La Trobe, MAPS

About Dr Paul O’Halloran

Dr Paul O’Halloran is a registered psychologist and is a member of the College of Health Psychologists. He has worked in academia for close to 10 years. Paul’s academic training while relatively diverse, was focused principally in the area of Health Psychology. While he has a wide range of interests that includes fields such as research methods and communication processes in health, he is most passionate about theoretical and applied aspects of Health Psychology, particularly as it relates to public health. This is reflected in both his research interests and teaching.

In addition to Paul’s academic interests, he works clinically as a health psychologist with both individuals (e.g., helping individuals change health-related behaviours such as smoking and exercise; working with individuals to facilitate coping with injury and illness; helping individuals cope with anxiety and depression) and groups (e.g., Paul has run stress management workshops in several large corporations). He has also worked as a performance psychologist and counsellor with individual athletes in sports such as swimming, running, football, and tennis and has been a consultant with state and national level teams in sports such as hockey, basketball, and swimming.

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Thank-you so much Lizzie for all your support over the past year. Having a personalised life coach to support me through my career change was invaluable.

Jenny. S

Lizzie, you have completely changed my life. I honestly didn’t think I needed to see a counsellor, but talking through my problems and having steps to actually make changes in my life has been amazing.

Alex O'Connor

My husband was so against coming to marriage counselling. I honestly thought it would never work. But after the first session, he said he could start to see where we needed help. It took a few sessions to get there, but now we are finally on the same page again and our commitment to each other is stronger than ever. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Janet Fitsgibbon

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