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Refresh Your Life – Revolutionary Motivational Weight Loss Program


Diabetes Australia – Victoria Review

“The new Refresh Your Life program is a revolutionary holistic good health program designed by Liz O’Halloran. It provides a simple-to-follow plan to tackle emotional eating, improve wellbeing and change the belief that healthy eating needs to be bland and boring” Diabetes Australia Review


Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine

A new approach to living a happy/healthy lifestyle that incorporates four secret ingredients into a healthy living plan. It’s designed over four weeks and acts like a personal coach to make shaping up easy, fun and sustainable”. Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine

refresh-your-life-weight loss program

Participants Love Refresh Your Life

“Thank-you for your lovely book. When I’m feeling low or in need of inspiration to get started with exercise I always lift up your book…” M. Manderson, Melbourne mother of three

I sleep better at night now, I feel less stressed, my hair’s better and my nails are stronger” B. Neal, Professional, Victoria

The program is a great way to reintroduce oneself to regular physical activity. It didn’t make me feel unfit, or unworthy to participate like other programs have. I really liked the total concept of the program. I will now flip on to a page and do a day for routine and happiness. I believe you have really done something wonderful. Thank-you”. M. Horrocks, Professional, Western Australia

The best weight loss tips, fat burning foods and a high protein healthy diet so you never feel deprived

Feeling overweight, tired and sluggish can lead to depression which makes it hard to get motivated to be healthy. That’s why we believe Refresh Your Life is our best weight loss program. The program comprises weight loss tips, an easy to follow healthy diet and inbuilt self esteem and happiness boosters to increase feel-good feelings right from Day 1 of the weight loss program. These feel-good feelings create a positive association with healthy living and actually result in a reduced desire for unhealthy eating.

Most other weight loss programs on the market achieve results (which often only last for a short period of time) through pain or punishment. For instance, strict diets require you to deprive yourself of tasty food, or eliminate whole food groups and boot camps demand you experience a tremendous amount of pain or discomfort (e.g. though high intensity, long endurance or over-strenuous work-outs) to achieve fitness and weight loss. Even when these programs work, they lead you to associate eating healthy and regular exercise with pain – they create a very negative association.

Research has shown that the brain works by wanting to make us feel good. That’s the problem, with these negative associations – you can sustain them for a short time, but it’s really hard to do so over a long period of time, because no-one wants to subject themselves to painful experiences over and over again.

It’s the 1st program to provide a framework for you to eat healthy foods and gradually increase your physical activity in a way that associates feeling good with healthy behaviours. You are encouraged to eat – not starve yourself. As you are eating better and slowly increasing your physical activity, you are guided with weight loss tips that build your self esteem and self confidence, thus creating a positive association between eating well exercising and feeling good.

The results speak for themselves – people report feeling happier, having more energy, looking and feeling healthier, losing weight and toning up. Plus, our best weight loss program is so easy to follow and includes over 20 delicious low-fat recipes that you can prepare for yourself or for the whole family to continue healthy habits for a lifetime.

Extra Benefits of Our Best Weight Loss Program

The secret to successful weightloss - why diets fail

The secret to successful weightloss


In addition to losing weight, you will see improvements in your overall health, increases in your energy levels, reduced stress and have a brighter overall appearance. It’s simple and easy to follow with step-by-step guides along the way and is designed to help you develop and sustain new healthy habits you can maintain for life.

Just one of our Bonus Video Recipes when you Buy Our Best Weight Loss Program – Refresh Your Life

This weight loss motivation program fills in the gaps of weight loss many programs because it tackles the underlying reasons you lose motivation to continue weight loss programs. It guides you to gradually incorporate healthy living into your current lifestyles so it’s not a shock to the system, can be maintained over time and feels easy to move from onestep to the next. It also has inbuilt happiness and stress relief tools to associate healthy living with feeling great – thus increasing motivation even further.


Four key elements to our Feel Good method of losing weight

1. Feel Good Food

Do you realise that the food you eat can cause you to feel tired, irritable, unmotivated and depressed? Our Best Weight Loss Program includes foods that actually increase energy, clear thinking and happiness.

2. Feel Good Tools

There is a clear link between weight gain and depression and low self esteem. Our Best Weight Loss Program targets these negative emotions to increase your motivation and create a healthy and happier life.

3. Feel Good Activity

Are you sick of starting a weight loss program, only to lose motivation too soon afterwards? Our Best Weight Loss Program makes activity easy, sustainable and motivating by gradually building your fitness and overall self confidence.

4. Feel Good Calmers

There is a link between stress and weight gain. Our Best Weight Loss Program tackles this by including daily stress busting activities and giving you an additional BONUS FREE Meditation and Sleep Aid CD to increase your overall positivity throughout the day.

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