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Making Positive Parenting a Little Easier

  • Lizzie O'Halloran, the Founder of Help for Mums and the Author of Perfect Mum & Refresh Your Life, has created a FREE Positive Parenting eBook to help parents to understand their child's temperament and how this can significantly impact their child's sleep behaviour, temper tantrums, responses to parenting style and more. By implementing some of the suggestions in this FREE Parenting eBook you can reduce the stress and anxiety in your household and hopefully gain a well deserved nights sleep.

Perfect Mum: How to Survive the Emotional Rollercoaster of Motherhood

  • Perfect Mum was written to support mothers like you to feel confident, happy and less guilty in motherhood. It deals with specific issues such as how to manage changes in income, how to reduce guilt and self doubt, how to make new friends to reduce loneliness, how to get healthy, how to re-enter the workforce or enjoy your current career, how to feel good about being a stay at home mum ... And much more. The book focuses on the early years of parenting, however, our market testing showed clearly that every mother can benefit from this parenting book.