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Every Mum Deserves a Break
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The Health Retreat Just For Mums

The Health Retreat Just For Mums

Our Next Health Retreat Will Be Held In Melbourne In March 2019.

the health retreat

Getting Time Away To Recharge

It’s not always easy to get a break when you become a mother. You have to juggle so many responsibilities and demands. Add to this the fact that 9 out of 10 Australian mums are damaging their health trying to be the perfect mum, it’s no wonder mothers are crying out for some “ME TIME”. This is why we created the health retreat just for mums.

The Health Retreat is Designed For Mothers Needs

It’s not just about having time-out. The aim of the health retreat is to rejuvenate you, empower you and to remove the negative baggage that has influenced your life up to now. It’s about wiping the slate clean.

The aim of the health retreat for mums is to get you back to your natural state and give you the resolve to cope better with life’s stressors that impact all mothers.

Relax, Revitalise & Regain

The Health Retreat Just For Mums is designed specifically for a mothers needs. It encompasses relaxation treatments, healthy eating, clearing negativity, boosting self esteem and much more.

the health retreat

Spa Treatments

Your day begins with a beautiful smooth flowing relaxation spa treatment that calms the mind and improves well being and is designed to alleviate stress and fatigue.

the health retreat

Cleansing the body

Throughout the day you will be introduced to the best way to live a healthy lifestyle that has been proven to reverse the effects of autoimmune disease, cancers, stress, IBS and much more.

the health retreat

Empowering your mind

You will leave armed with the strategies to live a confident and successful life. You will understand your personality more and how to utilise your strengths to improve your career, relationships and finances.

the health retreat

Relaxation & Focus

You will engage in effective mediation techniques that you can easily continue at home, so that the benefits of the health retreat continue to grow well after the retreat.

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Our Next Health Retreat Will Be Held In Melbourne in March 2019.

Register your interest below to be the first to be notified. There is no obligation to attend. We will just keep your details on file and keep you in the loop, so that you don’t miss out on your spot as places are limited.

We keep our retreats smaller than 15 people so that everyone feels pampered and special at the end of the day.

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