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    About Help For Mums and Lizzie O'Halloran

    About Help For Mums: Experts In How to Be Confident

    Lizzie O’Halloran – Founder of Help For Mums 

    By the time I turned 12, I had declared to my family that I was going to help people and be a mum. So it was no surprise to anyone that at 16 I was running my own babysitting business and had decided to study psychology when I left school.

    It took a lot longer than I expected to fall pregnant with my first child. So by the time she came along I thought I was super ready. Well I was in for a huge shock.

    No amount of babysitting or the study of human behaviour could have prepared me for my baby not wanting to leave my side 24 hours a day. Not even to have a shower, to cook or clean. Unless someone was able to pay her 100% attention, she would cry for me to pick her up.

    As a therapist I thought “there has to be support for mums like me.” But all I could find online was help for mums with postnatal depression.

    I knew I was exhausted and overwhelmed, but I also knew I didn’t fit into the category of depressed. Without having to try too hard, my search online uncovered so many mums like me pushing through the shock of becoming a new mum.

    I loved my baby so much, but I knew I needed to prioritise my health in order to be a good mum.

    At the time of having my daughter I was speciaising in counselling professional women to feel confident at work, rebuild self-esteem, reduce anxiety, improve or attracted better relationships and to heal from past trauma. Becoming a new mum, I realised if a mum ignores these issues before becoming a mum, they only get worse, or become highlighted in motherhood.

    As a new mum, I made the usual mistakes I see in many mums today. I put all my energy into my baby and forgot I needed to look after my wellbeing in order to be a good parent. Once I recognised this, I spent the next 2 years developing programs and writing my book ‘Perfect Mum‘ to help mums like me to feel calm, happy, healthy and confident in themselves and as parents.

    So, in 2010 my business – ‘Happy Life’ was transformed into – ‘Help For Mums’.


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    Lizzie O’Halloran, Founder of Help For Mums

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    Dr Paul O’Halloran, BBSc, GDipHlth(Psych), PhD La Trobe, MAPS

    About Dr Paul O’Halloran

    Dr Paul O’Halloran is a registered psychologist and is a member of the College of Health Psychologists. He has worked in academia for close to 10 years. Paul’s academic training while relatively diverse, was focused principally in the area of Health Psychology. While he has a wide range of interests that includes fields such as research methods and communication processes in health, he is most passionate about theoretical and applied aspects of Health Psychology, particularly as it relates to public health. This is reflected in both his research interests and teaching.

    In addition to Paul’s academic interests, he works clinically as a health psychologist with both individuals (e.g., helping individuals change health-related behaviours such as smoking and exercise; working with individuals to facilitate coping with injury and illness; helping individuals cope with anxiety and depression) and groups (e.g., Paul has run stress management workshops in several large corporations). He has also worked as a performance psychologist and counsellor with individual athletes in sports such as swimming, running, football, and tennis and has been a consultant with state and national level teams in sports such as hockey, basketball, and swimming.

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    Thank-you so much Lizzie for all your support over the past year. Having a personalised life coach to support me through my career change was invaluable.

    Jenny. S

    Lizzie, you have completely changed my life. I honestly didn’t think I needed to see a counsellor, but talking through my problems and having steps to actually make changes in my life has been amazing.

    Alex O'Connor

    My husband was so against coming to marriage counselling. I honestly thought it would never work. But after the first session, he said he could start to see where we needed help. It took a few sessions to get there, but now we are finally on the same page again and our commitment to each other is stronger than ever. I couldn’t be more grateful.

    Janet Fitsgibbon

    Thank-you so much lizzie for all your help and support. It’s a massive step in the right direction. So many doors opening from here. I’m very grateful to you for all you’ve done for me. You’re amazing and inspiring.

    Tracy Campbell

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