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How to improve self esteem to achieve your goals

If you think back in time to all the desires you longed for and finally achieved, how many of these do you re-focus on and remind yourself of how great you feel as a result of these achievements? Our brains seem to be wired to focus on thoughts such as “yeh I know I have that, but I don’t want this present feeling and therefore until I get what I really want, I won’t REALLY be happy”.

avoiding sugar for health
baby wearing in motherhood
how to reduce stress at work
internal peace for happiness

How avoiding sugar could save your health

Your physical health directly impacts your moods, energy levels and overall self esteem.

Listen to Lizzie O’Halloran’s lasts podcast on the reasons behind sugar avoiding for health and how you can start to reduce your sugar intake today.

The benefits of wearing a baby sling

Feeling confident in parenthood improves your self esteem.

Listen to Lizzie O’Halloran’s latest podcast on how you can make baby wearing a healthy and positive part of your parenting routine.

This top 5 ways to reduce stress at work

Stress is highly correlated with low self esteem, particularly when it turns into chronic stress.

Listen to Lizzie O’Halloran’s latest podcast on the best ways to reduce stress in the workplace.

Taking control to create a more peaceful world

The outside world can be a very stressful place, so it’s important to focus on what you can control in your life, rather than on external negative factors that are likely to result in low self esteem if focussed on too deeply.

Listen to Lizzie O’Halloran’s latest podcast on how you can create a more peaceful world internally.

Our latest podcast – Does money really buy happiness?

Are you Focussing on weight loss or getting healthy?

As a health expert I regularly question why obesity and overweight statistics are so high, yet there has never been more information available on how to lose weight. It’s also interesting that whilst on one hand we have a great increased awareness of the detrimental health impacts of sugar and salt, people line up outside new donut stores to purchase the latest junk food craze.