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    Career Coaching For Mums Returning To Work After Maternity Leave

    Location: Malvern Counselling Rooms, 1227 Malvern Rd, Malvern, VIC 3144

    Returning to work after maternity leave can be very stressful for mothers

    When you feel your life has meaning and purpose, you feel more fulfilled and hence happier as a result. One of the ways that you feel fulfilled is through your profession. As a busy new mother, you would have made the transition from career woman to motherhood and are now at the stage of feeling it’s time to return to work. This period can be met with anxiety and pressure, both internally and externally.

    Often people in your lives will have their opinions about when, where and how often a mother should work and if these people voice their opinions out loud to you, they can make you decision to return to work even more stressful. Add to this the cost of childcare, worries about leaving your child with other people whilst you are at work, stress over your employers expectations and your desire to work or stay at home, it makes perfect sense that returning to work is a very emotionally charged period for mothers.

    We Get It

    As parents ourselves, our therapists understand personally how mothers feel when they return to work. This is why we specialise in this area and help mothers to transition back to work in a smooth and much less stressful manner. We work through your deeper concerns, devise strategies that will work for you and help you to find the right balance personally and professionally so that you can return to work and enjoy your time there, rather than spend your time at work feeling guilty about leaving your child.

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    Benefits of our personalised CareerĀ Coaching

    Increase Motivation

    working mother returning to work

    With tools such as Motivational Interviewing, we can assess your current confidence levels and motivation to ensure you take the necessary steps forward to achieve your goals and live a happy and balanced life. Drive and passion for success must be coupled with motivation and the confidence in your abilities to achieve your goals. Motivation is very personal so we specialise in finding what motivates you directly and then teach you how to tap into this source of motivation so it works best for you.

    Reduce performance anxiety and work based stress

    mother returning to work

    Performance anxiety is probably the most common stress trigger for professionals. For mothers returning to work, there can be increased anxiety about how you’re going to be able to perform at your best when you’re exhausted and surviving on little sleep. Together we work on strategies to manage your tiredness, increase focus and boost your confidence in your ability to perform at your best now that you are a busy mum.

    Career Planning

    career mother returning to work

    Research tells us that approximately 70% of people are unhappy in their current jobs. Do you fit into this category? Or are you unsure about going back to work due to changes that have occurred whilst you were on maternity leave? If so, we can help you to feel more at ease and to adapt to the change more readily too.

    In addition to our coaching, we use the MYER-BRIGGS to help you ensure you are still well suited to your career and to understand your motivations, relationships and working style. In doing so, you can understand your colleague’s better, find your best suited career or role and then be supported to make the moves necessary to get the role that best suits your new needs.

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    • 1 x 60 min session 4 weeks after returning to work
    • 1 x 60 min session 3 months after returning to work
    • Bonus: 6 week online self-confidence building course to get you back to work with your best mindset

    Cost: $695

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