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    couples counselling

    Couples Counselling

    General Information about Couples Counselling

    Session fee $120

    Couples Counsellor: Lizzie O'Halloran, BBSc, MASR, NLP Prac

    When: Monday to Saturday

    Where: Malvern Counselling Rooms, 1227 Malvern Rd, Malvern, VIC 3144

    What is Couples Counselling?

    Couples counseling is a form of therapy that helps couples to identify and resolve conflict and aims to improve  relationships. Couples counseling focuses on rebuilding and strengthening  relationships as a couple or managing separation in the most healthy way possible.

    Some couples are reluctant to attend couples counselling at first. They may worry that one person is going to be blamed for their wrong doing. If this does occur in counselling – this is NOT good practice.

    When a couple attends counselling the goal is to get to the heart of issues – looking at both perspectives.

    The couples counsellor’s job is to be the mediator, interpreter and guide.

    We delve into what’s really going on, the motivations behind unhelpful and hurtful behaviours with the aim of repairing and improving relationships. We aim to help couples to reconnect and remember the reasons they fell in love with each other in the first place and to understand the pressures (internal and external) that can get in the way of maintaining a healthy relationship long term.

    Are You Engaging in These Common Relationship Pitfalls?

    • Snapping at your partner regularly
    • Rejecting or pushing your partner away
    • Giving up making an effort with your partner
    • Not scheduling their time to be together
    • Using alcohol or food to feel better
    • Avoiding intimacy with your partner, or wishing there was more intimacy
    • Playing only rarely with your kids
    • Resenting your partner for past mistakes or decisions
    • Arguing about how you should spend your money

    How can our couples counselling help you?

    A client’s story…

    John presented to therapy as a father of 3 young children who was very unhappy in his marriage and about to leave his wife. He was convinced that all he needed was some professional help on the best way to leave his family without doing too much emotional damage. Over the past few years he and his wife had reduced all intimacy and he had focused all his attention on building his business, which he had achieved very successfully.

    When John attended his first session, he was simply coming to ask for help leaving his wife. However, as we spoke it became clear that he still loved her, but they had grown so far apart, he had convinced himself the marriage was over. With our professional guidance John realized in session he was no longer seeing his wife as the beautiful women he fell in love with, but rather the mother of his children. Working on ways to increase intimacy, John very quickly realized how much he loved his wife and after only a few sessions the intimacy significantly increased back to where it was when they first met.

    Eight years on and John has never been happier. He and his wife make time for each other and have built a long lasting happy and loving relationship and family life with their four children. John acknowledges that if he had not sought help, he would have mistakenly thrown away the love of his life and his happy family.

    couples counselling-lizzie o'halloran

    Lizzie O’Halloran
    BBSc, MASR, NLP Prac

    Gender: Female
    Years of experience: 13
    Specialization: Couples Counselling and Counselling for Mums

    We are experts at getting to the heart of your relationship issues to provide you with personalised support when you need it most

    When couples come to see us for couples counselling they often complain about having spent time in therapy in the past, or even years trying to improve their current problems alone, without success. This failure often stems from being with a therapist who just listened to their problems, but did not provide many useful strategies to improve intimacy, communicate with respect and to feel appreciated and loved within the relationship.

    When parents come to see us for couples counselling they have often lost their intimacy and sex life, are struggling with debt, are arguing regularly and/or feel they are living separate lives. Learning ways to create a positive life balance, parent calmly and raise healthy, happy and well adjusted children becomes more achievable when parents create a healthy bond and work consistently as a team. We have helped many parents to feel confident in their chosen parenting styles and to find ways to rekindle their love and attraction, which is often put to the wayside when busy parenting lives set in.

    There are common reasons for relationship difficulties which can be improved significantly just by talking to the right person who understands your needs.

    Marriage breakdowns often happen due to:

    • communication break down
    • financial stress
    • infidelity
    • living separate lives
    • adjusting to parenthood
    • problems with external families
    • lack of sexual intimacy
    • sexual incompatibility and more…

    Couples are relieved when they have the tools to remedy relationship issues and feelings such as:

    • struggling to be heard
    • arguing more than usual
    • repeatedly fighting over the same issues
    • living in a stressful environment
    • feeling lonely
    • insecurity
    • looking for intimacy outside of your partnership

    If you are experiencing any of these feelings, taking the first step to book in for couples counselling will help.

    We came to see Lizzie because I decided to leave my husband and he wanted chat with a counsellor before we made it final. I was feeling disconnected, unheard and lonely in our relationship. Even though we’d been together for 15 years and I liked my husband, I couldn’t feel the love any more. After our first few sessions with Lizzie we got to the heart of why I was feeling like this. We put in some strategies and took the pressure off ourselves. By the 4th session we were back on track and had a positive plan to work on together. It’s been six months since we finished couples counselling and we have never been happier. If we hadn’t gone to see Lizzie, we definitely would not be together today and I would have regretted losing my husband for the rest of my life.

    Lisa Dench, 2020

    Additional information

    Couples Counselling Fee

    Sessions are held over Zoom or in person at our Malvern Counselling Rooms (note: Counselling Rooms are closed during covid restrictions)
    Cost: $120 for 1 hour session
    Please note a $50 Fee is charged when couples counselling sessions are cancelled within 24 hours of the booking.

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    couples counselling

    Couples Counselling

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