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    Counselling For Mothers and Couples


    Empowering Mothers & Couples
    To Feel Confident, Healthy & Happy

    Find a Therapist That Understands Your Needs

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    Couple Counselling

    • Learn how to stop fighting
    • Improve your intimacy
    • Resolve conflict
    • Support when dealing with a break up
    • Training in how to develop healthier relationships
    • Get help to avoid your marriage breakdown
    positive parenting solutions

    Counselling for Mums

    • Build Parenting Confidence
    • Find the Best Career
    • Manage relationship stress
    • Reduce anxiety and stress
    • Learn Calm Parenting techniques
    • Re-energize and reduce overwhelm



    Mums Returning To Work

    • Career planning
    • Tools for how to stop feeling lonely
    • Training in how to reduce fear of public speaking
    • Stress reduction strategies
    • Advice for how to stop being insecure
    • Gain assertiveness and self confidence skills





    Choose The Coaching Style That Suits You Best

    We know that mothers have specific needs, so we offer specialised counselling for Couples, Mothers, and Mothers Returning to Work

    Find a therapist that understands your needs as a couple with children

    Becoming a parent often places strains on relationships, as you adjust to new demands, tiredness, financial changes, competing family demands, career decisions, parenting styles and much more. If left unaddressed, these issues can lead to built up resentment, arguments and separation. So, it’s important to resolve issues as early as possible, so you can get your relationship back on track.

    Find a therapist who understands your needs as a mother

    Becoming a mother brings up so many different emotions, that often you didn’t expect to experience when you were pregnant. These can include feeling:

    • insecure about your parenting
    • guilty about returning to work
    • worried about losing your identity
    • overwhelmed with all the demands
    • like you never have enough time
    • and much more

    These issues can lead to depression, stress and anxiety if swept under the carpet, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

    Find a therapist who is an expert at career development & transitioning back into the workforce

    Returning to work after having a baby is often filled with mixed emotions. For mothers looking forward to returning to work, there can be increased guilt, especially if others disagree with this choice. When mothers feel forced to return to work for financial reasons, there is often a lot of anxiety and depression associated with leaving a child to return to work. Mothers also often find the balance between work and home life a challenge, particularly when there are competing demands. So it’s not uncommon for mums to work in unsatisfying careers, in order to take on less responsibility and dedicate more to their families.

    It’s hard enough leaving your child in care, so it’s important that you feel good about your work so that you can enjoy it whilst you’re there and come home feeling refreshed, rather than frustrated, stressed or sad.

    We truly understand the needs of busy mums

    We speicalise in the needs of mothers and couples. We gather as much information prior to your first session, to ensure we get right to the heart of things from your first session. Then we tailor a plan to meet your specific needs.

    Out goal is for you to walk out of the sessions with a clear plan of action, resolution and a way of letting go of things that have been holding you back in the past.

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    Lizzie O’Halloran
    BBSc (psych), MASR, NLP Prac

    Years of experience: 15
    Specialization: Positive psychology, self esteem & motivation


    I’m Lizzie O’Halloran, The Founder of Help For Mums. I have been working as a therapist for many years, helping professional women, mothers, fathers and couples get their lives back on track.

    As a busy professional mothers of 2 myself, I also personally understand the issues parents face. I specialise in problems resolutions that empower you to take control and change your life for the best. My aim after every session is for you to walk away feeling lighter, motivated, excited and with a clean plan of attack that you can implements and succeed in.

    It can be scary to ask for help at times. However, the moment you let go of fear and take action, is the moment you regain control over your life. That’s what makes me the happiest – seeing my clients walk out the door feeling positive, empowered and in control again.

    Lizzie, you are very understanding and have a good sense of what people’s needs are. You are compassionate, insightful, understanding and respectful of the people around you. I love how you communicate effectively, are honest and give advice on situations with empathy.

    Giuliana (Melbourne Mother), 2018

    Additional information

    We offer Zoom, telephone and in office sessions at our Counselling Rooms in Malvern, Victoria.

    Private Health Insurance Rebates

    We offer Counselling Rebates for Customers who are insured with Medibank Private and Bupa.

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