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    personal development coaching for mums

    Counselling - Boosting Mother's Self-Confidence & Happiness


    Empowering New Mums
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    Counselling For Mums

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    Counselling in our Malvern Rooms or at home

    Help for mums provides one of a kind therapy that is unique to the needs of busy mothers with young children. We are happy for you to come into our Malvern office, or to have your session over the phone. This option is really valued by our busy clients. These clients often find it difficult to leave their child at home, or are unable to find a sitter to support them during their scheduled session. We work with mothers to develop, implement and maintain lifestyle improvements to enhance your health, happiness and prosperity (and the wellbeing of your most precious family).

    We understand mums are busy

    That’s why we now offer more intensive coaching sessions over 3 hours. That way, you achieve what you need in one go, rather than having to co-ordinate childcare arrangements over and over again.

    personal development coaching for mums

    Are you experiencing loneliness and depression as a new mum? You’re not alone!

    It’s not uncommon for women to experience depression during pregnancy and/or postnatal depression. As a new mum your whole focus shifts away from you, on to your child. Your primary focus becomes raising healthy, happy, safe and secure children. However, with this focus comes a lot of pressure. This perceived pressure leaves you often exhausted and feeling overwhelmed as you try to be the perfect mum whilst still managing all the other responsibilities you took care of prior to motherhood. As a result your own health and happiness can get lost along the way.

    Looking after your health and happiness empowers you to be a better parent

    You’re a great Mum, but it’s important not to neglect your own health and happiness. When you feel tired, stressed or sad, it impacts on your ability to care for your child in the best way possible and it impacts on your own self esteem. By looking after your own needs on a regular basis, you will also protect yourself against more serious negative moods, such as depression.

    Feeling your best – The importance of improving self esteem

    Being a mother is very rewarding but can also be very challenging at times. As a new mum you can often feel like you’re juggling a million roles at the same time and never succeeding 100% at any of them. Feeling tired, on edge, insecure, guilty, anxious and stressed can place a significant strain on your health and the health of your relationships with you partner, friends, family and child/ren. Developing strategies to increase your confidence as a mum and believe in yourself are essential aspects of successful happiness in motherhood.

    Your Coaching/Counselling package

    Your coaching and/or counselling package begins with a single session to make sure we’re the right fit to be working together. A standard coaching package include 6 hours of intensive coaching to get to the heart things and to ensure you leave with a plan to move forward. You can choose to attend our Malvern Rooms, however if you don’t live in Melbourne or are finding it too difficult to get away for 6 hours, you can choose to have your coaching session over the phone – which is just as effective.

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