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    The Vibrant Mum Program

    6 steps to happiness in motherhood

    The 6 Step Happiness Method – How To Live a Happy Life

    Step 1: Creating Your Happiness Baseline
    Feeling good about yourself is the key to happiness as a busy parent. It helps you to cope when you’re feeling exhausted and insecure and gives you resilience in the face of work, family and personal life challenges.

    Step 2: Boosting Energy & Vitality
    Losing baby weight and getting rid of that lethargic feeling empowers you with endurance in parenting, confidence in your career and a stronger self belief. In addition, modelling healthy behaviours opens up a world of physical activity with your children and gets them excited about being healthy too.

    Step 3: Gaining Financial Freedom
    Getting financially organised, learning your spending personality profile and the best ways to save, reduce debt and increase your income will significantly reduce  financial stress and positively improve your relationships.

    Step 4: Developing Close Friendships
    Loneliness is very common in motherhood, particularly because mothers often avoid being social due to fear of being judged. Learning how to attract and maintain healthy, positive relationships will give you self confidence and a supportive network you can rely on long term.

    Step 5: Rekindling Your Close Bond
    As a busy mum it’s easy to neglect intimacy in your relationship, but avoiding it can have a detrimental impact on your partnership. Rekindling the closeness in your relationship, feeling like a team again and rebuilding trust and respect will boost your happiness and provide stability and security for your entire family.

    Step 6: Feeling Balanced & Fulfilled
    Having a fulfilling and rewarding career whilst achieving a healthy and home life is possible. Learning the keys to mentally and physically balance the two will result in clearer boundaries, efficient time management, stress reduction and greater quality time for you.


    Step 1: Creating Your Happiness Baseline

    STEP 1: You Begin your journey with our highly acclaimed online 6 week self confidence and self esteem boosting program. The program begins with boosting your optimism. and leads you on to altering the way you perceive yourself – transitioning from negative to more positive and healthy thinking styles. Then it guides you through proven techniques to reduce self criticism and health and heal negative experiences from the past. It is designed to create a strong and resilient self-confidence. It runs over 6 Modules – each based on the principles used in one-on-one personal coaching and the best part is you can complete the course at your own pace.

    BONUS: In addition to the online program you gain exclusive access to our online self help tool box, loaded with personalised tools you can access any time to give you 24 hrs access to happiness boosting support you can access when you need it most.

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    Step 2: Boosting Your Energy & Vitality

    STEP 2: Feeling tired and sluggish can lead to depression which makes it hard to get motivated to be healthy. That’s why the next step in your journey begins with signing up to our motivational health and weightloss program -Refresh Your Life. The program is unique because it works by addressing the reasons that stop you from sticking to a healthy diet and weightloss program, so you actually feel motivated, energetic and create a positive association with healthy living and actually result in a reduced desire for unhealthy eating.

    BONUS: We have taken the guesswork out of preparing healthy meals and snacks – that your children will actually love. So all you have to do is check your inbox weekly for this week’s recipes and healthy living tips and you’re on your way.


    Step 3: Gaining Financial Freedom

    STEP 3: Money is one of those topics that can really place a lot of strain on relationships. It’s one of those issues that people do not like to discuss and as a result can wind up causing a great deal of stress and pain in the long run. Wouldn’t it be great to find out what motivates you and your partner’s attitudes towards money and in doing so reduce regular arguments about your finances? Well that’s what Step 3 is all about. In this step you will undergo the Financial Personality Test and receive a report on your financial personality to help you truly understand your beliefs and attitudes towards spending, saving and investing.

    BONUS: In addition to the report, you also gain exclusive access to our online financial support resources to assist you with debt reduction, income generation, saving and budgeting. You can access these tools at any time.

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    Step 4: Developing Close Friendships

    STEP 4: Having a baby is wonderful, but can also become a lonely time when you feel isolated or begin to lose your self confidence. Now that you are armed with a boost of confidence this step guides you through the wealth of options available to meet like minded friends (for example mums you would like to connect with) and provides you with tips on how best to maintain new and current friendships along the way.

    BONUS: As a bonus you also receive 1 FREE Personalised Coaching session with one of our professional therapists to delve into the issues that might be holding you back from making new connections or to address and resolve the issues causing problems within your current relationships.

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    Step 5: Rekindling Your Close Bond

    STEP 5: The key to a happy family life is a healthy and happy relationship with your partner. In Step 5 you and your partner will undergo the LOVE TEST to assess the health of your current relationship and to highlight any areas that may need a little support.

    BONUS: Using the results of this test as a guide, you and your partner will also receive 1 FREE marriage counselling session to address the issues raised in the test and work on positive solutions to ensure you rekindle your intimacy, revive your friendship and feel like a Team again.

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    Step 6: Feeling Balanced and Fulfilled

    STEP 6: In order to feel truly happy it’s vital that your professional life has purpose and meaning (whether this be within or outside of the home). In your final step you will undergo the Myers-Briggs Career Compatability test and receive a detailed report on your results as well as how they can be applied in your personal and professional life.

    BONUS: In addition to the test, you will also gain access to our online professional development resources which include time management tools, life balance tools and discounts on support services.