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advice for new parents

Get The Best Advice To Raise Your Child With Confidence

advice for new parents

Advice For New Parents
One of The Best Parenting Books You'll Ever Read

The Most Comprehensive Advice For New Parents Bring Home A Newborn Baby & The First 5 Years of Parenting

This comprehensive parenting book provides the latest research into good parenting practices, supportive advice from a range of mothers and the author’s own personal experience of the first 5 years of motherhood. It comes highly recommended by Midwives, Naturopaths, New Mothers & the Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE).

COPE-perfect mum book - perfect parenting solutions

Perfect Mum has been officially recommended by the Centre of Perinatal Excellence – COPE

And By Professional Therapists

“I particularly like your points on eating well, exercise, relaxation/meditation and herbal medicine to help, as it’s all the stuff I educate and promote in my clients as a naturopath”

-J. Godfrey, Melbourne Naturopath

how to cope with a newborn baby

“There are so many great things about motherhood but there are downsides, too. Am I right? Comparison. Inferiority. Isolation. Anxiety… just to name a few. We’re constantly flaunting our highlight reels on social media for all to see but are so reluctant to reveal the hard things and share all parts of us. We need to stop this, Mamas. We need to break down our walls. We need to find the support we need to be happy, healthy, thriving mamas. That’s why I’m so glad I found Lizzie O’Halloran’s iBook, Perfect Mum“.

Shannon @memoirsofaworkingmom

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“Perfect Mum is the only ‘new mum’ book I actually read past 2-3 pages. Lizzie offers calm & logical methods which truly helped me move forward in my struggles adjusting from a high end corporate job to 24/7 motherhood, with the practical tools to maintain a stronger, more positive self belief in myself as a wonderful parent”

-Carly May, Melbourne Mum

Lizzie O’Halloran – explains more about Perfect Mum

What’s The Cost to Your Health and Happiness of Putting Your Needs Last?

One in 7 new Mums in Australia experience postnatal depression and approximately 1 in 10 experience antenatal anxiety, or depression. Common feelings associated with postnatal depression in motherhood are feeling overwhelmed, feelings anxious and/or feeling stressed. So if you are experiencing any of these types of symptoms, you are not alone.

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advice for new parents

Become An Expert With The Best Advice For New Parents

If you’re like most new parents, your main focus during pregnancy was on the birth of your child. Most parents spend little time preparing for how to become empowered emotionally and physically in parenthood.

There are countless resources on how to raise happy and healthy children. There is also a heightened awareness of the pressures that befall many modern day parents. Yet, so many mothers report feeling lonely, exhausted, depressed, anxious, guilty, overwhelmed and unconfident in their choices. Many mothers are struggling to learn how to cope with a newborn baby – feeling very alone.

How The Perfect Mum Book is helping parents to feel empowered, raise happy, healthy and secure children, return to work or stay at home with confidence, get into shape and much more…

The aim of Perfect Mum is to break down the myth of the ‘perfect mother’. It provides advice for mothers with tools, techniques and ongoing support to cope with the demands of motherhood. Perfect Mum also is designed to support mothers to feel good about roles both within the home and within your chosen careers.

Perfect Mum provides practical and theoretical advice for parenting children from birth to 5 years of age. It also includes parenting advice from a range of experienced mothers who have learn from their mistakes and have wonderful advice on how they coped with motherhood.

As a mother and therapist, the Author’s (Lizzie) desire in writing this parenting book is for every mother to learn to:

  • trust your instincts
  • feel healthier
  • have more energy
  • be kinder to yourself
  • feel more confident
  • feel empowered to stand up for your beliefs and values as a parent and as a woman.

Advice For New Parents

We believe Perfect Mum is the best parenting book, particularly for the first time mum.

As a new mum you’re probably rushing around doing a myriad of things for everyone else, whilst placing your own needs last. As a new mum, you might just have time for a shower on your own, eat on the run, gain a few precious minutes for a hair cut, or even sit and relax with a ‘cuppa’ for 5 minutes before your baby needs you again. Because motherhood is so ‘full-on’ new mums often neglect their own needs. This habit then continues throughout motherhood. If you are feeling like this, it’s important to learn about the tools you can use to reduce this stress leading to depression and/or anxiety. This is where Perfect Mum can really help.


Are you searching for some support you can access any time from home?

Perfect mum provides a safe (private) support tool. It is filled with practical resources you can implement straight away to :

  • raise your energy levels
  • increase your confidence
  • improve your health
  • feel more in control of your life
  • reduce any insecurities about how you choose to parent and/or work

With Perfect Mum you will have access to a therapeutic manual loaded with tools to support you through the emotional roller coaster of Motherhood.

But what if you’re like most new mums, not suffering from depression, but just want to give your child the best opportunity to live a happy, healthy and successful life?

The best part of the Perfect Mum book is that it provides advice on how to:

  • parent consistently to support your child’s development of a healthy self esteem
  • instill good eating habits early on
  • role model self confidence
  • emotionally and intellectually support your child’s needs

Armed with this advice for new parents, parenting becomes much easier, more enjoyable, rewarding and guilt-free.

What do other mothers have to say about Perfect Mum?

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