Perfect Mum: How To Survive The Emotional Rollercoaster of Motherhood

The aim of Perfect Mum is to break down the myth of the ‘perfect mother’, provide advice for new mums with tools, techniques and ongoing support to cope with the demands of motherhood and support mothers to feel good about their roles both within the home and within their chosen careers.


Lizzie offers calm and logical methods which truly helped me move forward in my struggles adjusting from a high end corporate job to 24/7 motherhood, with the practical tools to maintain a stronger, more positive self belief as a wonderful parent”."

Carly May. - Melbourne Mum

Recommended By the Centre of Perinatal Excellence

Perfect mum provides a safe (private) support tool, which is filled with practical resources you can implement to raise your energy levels, increase your confidence, improve your health and feel more in control of your life and the lives of your loved ones. With Perfect Mum you will have access to a therapeutic manual loaded with tools to support you through the emotional roller coaster of Motherhood. The best part is that it comes highly recommended by COPE - The Centre of Perinatal Excellence.

Highly Recommended By Mums

Perfect mum has been my search base for parenting that sat on the nightstand. The practical resources are fantastic for implementing into your lives, but it was the feeling I had when I would sit down at night in tears feeling the enormous weight of guilt, I know we all feel as parents some times. The feeling that IT WILL ALL BE OK. There is something so reassuring about reading those words in context with situations and ways to help relieve those stresses, that is immeasurable in my eyes.” MumBubandaBarrista

"We’re constantly flaunting our highlight reels on social media for all to see but are so reluctant to reveal the hard things and share all parts of us. We need to stop this, Mamas. We need to break down our walls. We need to find the support we need to be happy, healthy, thriving mamas. That’s why I’m so glad I found Lizzie O’Halloran’s iBook, Perfect Mum“. Shannon Bennett 

A Word From The Author

" There are so many parenting books out there on how to look after your baby physically. You learn how to change a diaper/nappy, how to breast/bottle feed, how to safely place your baby in bed and how to give your baby a bath. But not much else. Mothers are not taught how to deal with sleep deprivation; what to do if your baby doesn’t sleep in a swaddle; how to deal with the pressures that come with having a new family and so on. This is where a lot of parenting stress kicks in!

I wrote Perfect Mum to fill this gap and empower mothers to feel in control of motherhood, to be able to cope when things don't go perfectly to plan and balance their own needs with those of their child.  

I hope you really enjoy it!"