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Take the Low Self Esteem Test

low self esteem quiz

Do you suffer from low self esteem?

Answer the following questions in our free low self esteem test, by noting whether you Agree or Disagree to see how healthy your self esteem is today

  1. I think in general people find me boring
  2. I feel devastated when I’m criticized
  3. I often take things personally
  4. I worry a lot about what others think of me
  5. I often apologize for my behaviours even if I think I might not be wrong
  6. I often think I am a failure
  7. I find it difficult to forgive others
  8. I find it difficult to accept fault
  9. I often criticize myself.
  10. I would classify myself as a people pleaser.
  11. I often feel I’m not good enough
  12. I am a perfectionist and often berate myself if I don’t meet my expectations
  13. I believe people will only like or respect me if I’m good-looking
  14. I often judge myself based on the achievements of others
  15. It’s important for me to be liked by everyone I meet

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