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    Happiness in Your Relationship - Directly Impacts Your Child's Happiness and Health


    Make Your Relationship a Priority

    Couples Communication Package

    couples counselling

    Sound Familiar?

    “Things have been tense for a while. The last argument we had was really nasty. The things we said to each other were really hurtful and I’m scared about what’s going to happen in the future. I can’t remember the last time we had sex and forget about the intimacy. Why can’t we just fix this?”

    couples counselling
    couples counselling
    couples counselling

    Is Our Couples Communications Package  Right For You?

    Our Couples Communication Package is all about getting communication ‘right’ in relationships so that you can regain closeness, happiness and harmony within your partnership.

    We address ways in which you are currently coping and communicating under stress, how you currently support each other and what triggers or hot stops tend to result in poor communication.

    Our communications package is perfect for couples who want to stop arguing over the same issues, reduce snappiness and bickering and to improve their overall communication style with each other.

    It is non-threatening and a good way to start to open up about deeper issues that may be impacting communication and closeness within the relationship.

    When you begin your first couples counselling session, you start by completing a survey individually, so we can get to the heart of the issues before you even enter the door. That way, we can help you to feel comfortable and at ease knowing your needs are going to be taken care of by a professional who is trained in dealing with your personal circumstances. If…..

    1. Are you committed to your relationship, but sick of living separate lives?
    2. Are you tired of arguing over the same issues?
    3. Do you want to work to get your partnership back on track?

    Our Couples Communication Package is Perfect for you and your partner.


    couples counselling

    What If My Partner is Reluctant To Come?

    One of the anxieties that couples can have about coming to therapy is that someone is going to be blamed, or judged for actions within the relationship. However, this is definitely NOT the case. Our aim is to help both parties to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other’s needs. To find the best ways to rekindle lost intimacy and to rebuild trust and respect in the relationship.

    What if we are at breaking point?

    Sometimes, couples come to see us because they have tried everything and just want to find a way to separate amicably. This is particularly important when there are children involved. In these cases, we work on finding common ground and reducing anger, so that separation can be entered into without future pain, suffering and resentment. We also look at any possibilities of reconciliation.

    couples counselling

    What Is The Couples Counselling Communication Package?

    A New Approach To Couples Counselling

    When couples come to see us for couples counselling they often complain about having spent time in therapy in the past, or even years trying to improve their current problems alone, without success. This failure often stems from being with a therapist who just listened to their problems, but did not provide any real strategies, or empower them with helpful strategies to improve intimacy, communicate with respect and to feel appreciated and loved within the relationship.

    The Communication Package – 6 sessions to get you back on track

    • BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS – We start by getting to the heart of what’s been going on for you & how you can move forward.
    • MYERS-BRIGGS Communication Breakthrough – You each discover where/why your communication has broken down & how to rectify this.
    • LOVE LANGUAGES – Discover the ways you each prefer to show and receive love and affection & why this is likely to be causing issues.
    • ¬†THE COMMITMENT – We plan the strategies and commit to working as a team and rebuilding the trust and respect in the partnership.


    Your package includes:

    • 6 x 60 min sessions in the 6 weeks delivered either in our Malvern office or via Zoom


    $695 upfront (Saving $205)


    $150 per week for 6 weeks