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    pregnancy essentials

    Module 1: Choosing The Right Care

    Regain Your Life Balance


    Your Newborn Essentials Guide

    Pregnancy Online Course – Module 1: Choosing the Right Care & Newborn Essentials

    Choosing the right care

    As a newly pregnant mum-to-be there are so many options available to you.

    By now, you have most likely chosen your doctor/obstetrician, shared-care Medical Practitioner, midwife, or doula to support you in the delivery of your baby (if you haven’t, it’s important to get onto this as soon as possible as bookings in specialist birthing centres and private hospitals are booked well in advance).

    Whilst childbirth is a natural part of life, women still need a trained caregiver during birth. Having access to medical care during childbirth is one of the primary reasons women and babies almost never die in childbirth any more.

    There are three primary options for baby delivery:

    1. Home birth

    2. Birthing centre

    3. Hospital (public/private)

    Each option has its pros and cons and every mother has her own personal preference. The most important consideration for you as a new mum is that you and your baby will be safe. If you plan on a home birth, make sure you discuss all options with your midwife or doula and have a well prepared back-up plan, just in case you need to complete the birth at your nearest hospital.

    Choosing the right option for you

    The Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia provides very comprehensive detailed information on pregnancy care and birthing options. There are a variety of options available to you which are worth reviewing if you have not yet made a decision about which care option is right for you.

    Download Your New Baby Checklist

    baby nursery

    One of the first questions women ask when they confirm their pregnancy is “what do I need to have at home to prepare for my new baby?”

    To make your life easier, we have included a comprehensive list of essential items you will need in order feel completely organised to bring your baby home. Click on the button below to open and print your new baby essentials checklist. Of course you can always buy more items as your baby grows and depending on your personal preferences, but at least with this comprehensive list you will be well organised to bring your baby home. We have also included a few links to baby reviews and stores we personally love. Note: we are not affiliated with any of these products or reviews. We have just found them personally useful and you may find them useful too.

    As a side note, if you do not have built-in wardrobes (or a spare tallboy), you may also need to purchase a tallboy for your baby’s clothes.


    Find out which products best suit your needs and how other parents and experts have rated them

    calm parenting

    Choosing Your Stroller

    Choosing a new pram/stroller can be a very difficult decision with all the options available. Before you make a decision on the right one for you, take a look at this review of a wide variety, with star ratings for each selection too. It will make your decision a lot easier and you can choose an option that best suits your needs, lifestyle and personal preferences.

    baby car seat

    Choosing Your Car Seat

    Just like choosing your pram, there are a wide variety of car seats to choose from.  Keep in mind if you are going to purchase a second hand car seat, the safety rating on car seats only lasts for approximately 10 years (usually you will find a sticker at the bottom of the seat noting date of manufacture). Ensure the belts are not frayed and buckle clamps correctly. It is also important to have your car seat fitted by an approved car seat installer. RACV provides some great advice on this topic here and where you can find your nearest car seat fitter.

    bednest bassinet

    Choosing Your Cot

    Choosing a cot for your baby is another big decision. It is a difficult one because it also impacts on your parenting style (e.g. do you want to co-sleep, sleep your baby in a separate room, or sleep your baby in your bedroom). The review we have linked here will give you a few options to choose from and provide advice from other parents too. One of our favourites in the Bednest Bassinet, because it is suitable for most parenting styles. You can also place the cot in another room, or fold it flat to take away on trips with you.

    baby shopping, seed

    Making Shopping Easier

    Here are a few links to online and in-store baby specific stores. You should be able to  find everything you need in these sites, however, larger department stores like MYER, David Jones, Target and K-MART have a range of baby products too.



    ZULILY     /         BABY MODE

    SEED      /      BABY BUNTING



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