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lizzie ohalloran blog contribution for mydeal

      6 Bad Habits All Parents Should Drop

“It’s hard to say where we pick up bad habits but one thing’s for sure; they tend to stick. When it comes to parenting there’s no perfect way to go about things. Looking back we bet there are things you wish you’d quit sooner. We spoke with parenting experts to find out what bad habits they wish parents would drop”. Read More here

        By Julia Hammond 18/06/2018, Expert Contribution By Lizzie O’Halloran

10 Parenting Blogs You Should Be Reading

By Julia Hammond 29/11/2017, Expert Contribution By Lizzie O’Halloran

Signs Your Child May Be Stressed

By Julia Hammond 24/10/2017, Expert Contribution By Lizzie O’Halloran

All Your New Parenting Questions Answered

By Julia Hammond 24/10/2017, Expert Contribution By Lizzie O’Halloran 

How To Ease Separation Anxiety In Toddlers

Healthy Mummy Article

Article By Lizzie O’Halloran

Mum Reveals How Parents Can Save Money On Toys (And Perhaps Avoid Those Shop Tantrums)!

Do you ever look at your child’s toy box and wonder if you’re spending too much money on the latest gadgets and toys for them? If so, we have spoken to an expert to get some incredible tips regarding saving money on toys!

when to stop breastfeeding

Lizzie O'Halloran talks to Kidspot

A break makes you a more effective parent

Melbourne-based counsellor Lizzie O’Halloran, who recently wrote a book called Perfect Mum, says she finds most women feel guilty when challenged to look after themselves.

“Mums think, ‘If I have time to myself, I’m not as good a mum’. If you don’t have a break, stress starts to increase, anxiety starts to increase, and you succumb to just sheer exhaustion – that feeling of being overwhelmed,” she tells

happy mother

The Motherhood Collective

Author Series: Perfect Mum By Lizzie O’Halloran.

As part of our Author’s Series, Lizzie shares part of her story of motherhood and how it has inspired her to encourage other women to be the best mother they can be.


money personality

Getting Your Mindset Right for Successful Budgeting

Family Capers Article By Lizzie O’Halloran

We live in a society that fosters competition and social comparison. Add to this our need for instant gratification and pleasure. It’s no wonder so many people have major issues with credit card debt. These cards make it very easy to assume you are spending your own money. Until you receive the dreaded credit card bill and before you know it you have accumulated a debt which will take years to pay off…

how to boost motivation to exercise

How can you ensure you stay motivated to exercise and feel great?

Family Capers Article By Lizzie O’Halloran

What makes non-competitive runner stressed if they are unable to run for one day, or if their exercise routine has been broken? What makes tennis players persist with training, even at the risk of joint and muscle pain, regardless of the weather and other elements? The answer to these question can be found in their motivation, which encompasses their level of enjoyment, passion, desire to achieve a goal and the way they feel as a result of taking part in this level of physical activity – thus their self-esteem…..


What’s the secret to getting your kids to eat healthy food?

Family Capers Article By Lizzie O’Halloran

There are two core things research suggests about feeding children health food. The first is that it takes approximately 12 presentations of the undesirable food, before your child is likely to try it and enjoy it. It won’t always work, however, persistence is the key. When my 7 year old began school last year she refused to eat her vegetables in her lunch box. Every day I would place them in her bag and every day they would return home – each day my daughter would have a new excuse for not eating them…

Family Capers Articles By Lizzie O'Halloran

How to Get The Whole Family Excited about Being Active

Family Capers Article By Lizzie O’Halloran

There’s a reason family oriented shows like Modern Family, The Cosby Show, Parenthood and The Brady Bunch have been such ‘hits’. Shows like these model a close family that despite their differences always have each other’s best interests at heart, make time for each other and supporting one another…. Check out Family Capers Here

Choosing to Reduce Anxiety and Build Self Esteem

Family Capers Article By Lizzie O’Halloran

It’s hard to believe that being anxious could be a choice. Isn’t it a biological reaction to a perceived stress? The answer is “YES”, but because anxiety is the result of perception, there is an element of choice in how you perceive and then react to particular situations… Check out Family Capers Here

Family Capers Articles By Lizzie O'Halloran

What if Exercising Less was Better for your Health?

Family Capers Article By Lizzie O’Halloran

It seems crazy, but it’s true. I’ll never forget when training for a Miss Fitness Competition I went along to listen to a famous American Body Builder speak about the best ways to exercise to build muscle and strength. There I was amongst budding trainers and coaches desperate to find out his secrets to looking fit and healthy at the elite level. Before he began, he asked the crowd one simple question: “how long are you spending in the gym”… Check out Family Capers here

Press Release - Perfect Mum Book


Bustle Article

BUSTLE ARTICLE QUOTING LIZZIE O’HALLORAN: 11 Genius Ways To End Any Argument, No Matter What, By

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Article By Lizzie O’HalloranWhy It’s So Important to Increase Self-Esteem

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Ezine Platinum Author

How Mothers Can Deal With Stress and Learn To Be Confident

By Lizzie O’Halloran

Part of the Ezine Article Writers series.

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