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    Free Positive Parenting Guide


    This free positive parenting guide focusses of understanding your child’s temperament – which dictates your child’s behaviour. Often you will try a particular parenting style and wonder why it’s not working as well as another parent has advised. This is often due to child temperament. A good example of this is sleeping. A slow-to-warm up baby will not respond well at all the the controlled crying method of sleep. However, an ‘easy’ child will adapt to this type of sleep method much quicker and with less fuss.

    No one temperament is better than the other. However, each type responds in particular ways to parenting. If you try to force a particular parenting style on a child who finds this unsettling, you will most likely end up with tantrums and tears. A slow to warm up child needs time to slowly get used to change, whereas an ‘easy’ child adapts to change much quicker. In contrast a ‘difficult’ child is not difficult by nature, they are often labelled like this because they do not adapt as easier to change.¬† They need more structure and consistency during times of change and then they will thrive.