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    Self Confidences Courses – Find The Right One For You Here

    When You feel confident, your whole life changes. Our online self confidence courses are designed for anyone who would like to feel more confident, stop feeling insecure and reduce self doubt and worry. Research tells us that women in general have low self esteem. However, in particular, new research shows us that mothers tend to have a low self esteem.

    A study conducted with approximately 85,000 Norwegian mothers found that self esteem decreased during pregnancy, increased after the birth of a child and then began to decline again once babies turned 6 months. Self esteem continues to decline up to when children turned 3 years of age (when the study stopped their testing). However, many mothers express that low self esteem continues to decline as her children age (for instance during the often testing teenage years).

    Boosting your self esteem and ensuring you are strong in the face of the pressure and stress that are a  normal part of life and parenting, is crucial.

    When you have a high self esteem, you can cope so much easier with stress and are more resilient. You also role model healthy self esteem so you give your children the best chance of growing up to be confident and resilient. You are also much better are keeping the lines of communication open with your children, so they can come to you with problems and you can guide them in how to resolve problems effectively. Finally, when you have a higher self esteem it helps you to maintain healthy relationships with others in your life. It gives you the confidence to strive for the career of your dreams. It also helps you to be more organised and in control of your life and your finances. Finally, when you have a healthy self esteem, you have a healthier body image and are more motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. This provides a great example for your children to live by too.

    Our online self confidence courses are designed to give you the tools and support you need to boost your self esteem and confidence at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home. The best part about our courses is that you have a lifetime membership. So, if later on, you feel you need a self confidence boost, you will always be able to access your course and boost your self esteem again.

    Take a look at our two popular online self confidence courses here

    self confidence courses
    self confidence courses

    Pregnancy Prenatal Course

    Boost Self Confidence In Pregnancy & Motherhood

    • Protect yourself against postnatal depression
    • Get ‘baby-ready’ with your essentials newborn checklist
    • Be emotionally prepared for the challenging first 3 months of motherhood
    • Ensure you and your partner are working as a team
    • Be empowered to cope with the emotional rollercoaster of new motherhood
    • and much more….

    self confidence courses

    Self esteem online course

    Boost Your Self Esteem Online – Any Time

    • Parent Calmly & Consistently
    • Trust Your Instincts
    • Stop Negative Thinking
    • Stand Up For Yourself
    • Reduce Guilt & Worry
    • Feel Happier

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