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    6 steps to happiness in motherhood

    Boosting Your Vitality & Health - 6 Step Happiness Method


    Step 2 - Refresh Your Life Program Support to Boost Vitality & Health

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    Your Healthier Life Starts Here

    You will soon receive your personal copy of the 30 day kick start weight loss program – Refresh Your Life. Once you receive the program, simply follow the steps each day to commence feeling happier, healthy and more in control of your health, happiness and fitness. Below are additional resources to support your
    journey on the Refresh Your Life program.

    Tackling Emotional Eating

    Emotional Eating is one of the underlying issues addressed in the Refresh Your Life program. The problem with emotional eating is that it often results in overeating and a further reduction in self-esteem . This is especially problematic for people who have been on a restrictive diet, because it can result in a feeling of failure as negative emotions creep back in when the process of overeating is complete.

    The Refresh Your Life program assists in changing thoughts about healthy foods, feeling good about yourself first and foremost and to have tools close at hand to lift your mood, such as talking to a friend, watching a funny TV show, or listening to uplifting music. It’s a step-by-step approach to increasing self-esteem, happiness and energy overall, whilst at the same time showing you how to eat healthy foods without depriving yourself.

    Most research shows that it takes 1 month to form new habits and break old habits. Based on this premise, the program runs for 30 days (4 weeks) to develop and sustain new healthy habits you can maintain for life.

    Program set-up

    The guided program is set-up is as follows:

    1. Morning meditations to kick-start the day and boost self-esteem, confidence and happiness

    2. Mini morning boost activities to build strength and flexibility

    3. Gradual physical activity planner that it’s easy to follow, enjoyable and sustainable

    4. Delicious & varied eating plan for inner health – designed to manage hunger and boredom

    5. Low-fat – delicious and simple recipes to follow like Crispy Crumbed Chicken Breast with Seasoned Vegetables and Chicken, Leak and Pumpkin Risotto.

    6. Daily relaxation/stress relief techniques

    7. Daily personal achievement techniques to improve social relationships, increase confidence and reduce emotional eating, fear and anxiety.

    However, the best part of the Refresh Your Life Program is that you can pick it up at any time once you complete the program to gain a daily boost, or to boost your energy levels. Plus, the program is written in a way so that you don’t self sabotage yourself if you happen to have a less than desirable day. You just pick up where you left off and keep going.

    So get started and if you need a motivation boost, or just some additional support or advice, email our team directly at and we will get back to you to answer your questions and provide the support you need.

    what is motivation
    Boosting Your Motivation

    Being Mentally Prepared

    Before you begin any new healthy living program it is very important to make sure you’re in the right frame of mind. Find out which level of commitment to change you’re currently living in by downloading the details via the link below.

    what is motivation  Boosting Your Motivation

    Each person in this world is unique and can be motivated by external factors, such as losing weight for a wedding, or internal factors, such as exercising because it makes you feel more energetic, happy and confident. The degree to which an internal or external factor motivates you is also dependent on the time/place and your experiences at that moment. For instance, according to the humanistic theorist Abraham Maslow1, motivation can be perceived as a hierarchy of needs.

    Maslow states that first people are motivated to fulfil the most basic human needs, such as food and water and then to search for more sophisticated needs, such as love and happiness. Thus, people living in a third world country, starving and in desperate need of food, will be more motivated to find their next mouthful, than being concerned about whether they are working in their chosen field (a desire many more affluent people grapple with on a daily basis). This is not to say that one person’s needs are more or less important, however, at any particular time in your life you will be more or less motivated to behave in certain ways based on how important you perceive something to be.

    In this section, you will find articles and activities on various aspects of motivation, as well as reviews and highlights of recent research studies into this area.

    What’s stopping you from being motivated?

    Positive connection

    Making Positive Associations

    Staying motivated

    Staying Motivated

    Goal_Setting for motivation

    Goal Setting for Motivation


    Motivation Goal Planning

    1. Passer, M.W., & Smith, R.E. (2004). Psychology, The Science of Mind and Behaviour (2nd Ed). McGraw-Hill Companies Inc, New York.