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What is Your Financial Personality?

Take Your Quick Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Download this short version of the Myers-Briggs (MBTI) Test to find out your MBTI Personality. After you complete the quiz you will come up with four letters (those with most ticks in each of the four personality sections).  The combination of these four letters will give you your MBTI persoanity profile which will then provide you with one of the four Financial Personalities (based on the work undertaken by financial planner, Ray Linder.


If your MBTI is ENFJ, ENFP, INFP, INFP you would be classified as a:


Financial Pleasers:

  • take money personally, as an extension of themselves
  • money is considered emotional
  • spending is an extension of their identity
  • money is used to please themselves or others

CAUTION: Financial pleasers can be taken advantage of by others due to their desire to put others above their own needs.

If your MBTI is ESTP, ESFP, ISTP & ISTP you would be classified as a:

shopping spending  FINANCIAL PLAYERS

Financial Players:

  • have a tendency to be compulsive and are unlikely to be long term
  • can be overly impulsive and optimistic about taking risks
  • don’t tend to plan

CAUTION: Financial players have the highest chance of financial risk.

If your MBTI is ESTJ, ESFJ, ISTJ & ISFJ you would be classified as a:

money banking

Financial Protector:

  • tend to be very conservative with money
  • think ahead and take care of their future
  • are advised to always have a financial savings/nest egg to fall back on to feel secure

CAUTION: Financial protectors can find it difficult to cope with change and may make rash decisions in moments of panic.

If your MBTI is ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ & INTP you would be classified as a:

money saving    FINANCIAL PLANNER

Financial Planners:

  • prefer long term investing
  • are great at bigger picture thinking
  • are advised to invest in their future, but to also ensure they keep additional cash for ‘in the moment’ spending without having to feel guilty

CAUTION: Financial planners can tend to focus too much on the future and forget the present moment or miss opportunities in the present.


Your answers to the quiz above will also assist you in your personal relationship as you begin to understand the reasons behind your spending and that of your partner. You can discuss your spending habits based on your personality profiles and make informed decisions together taking into consideration how each of you feels about and behaves with money.

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