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6 steps to happiness in motherhood

Six Steps To Happiness in Motherhood


Step 5
Rekindling Your Close Bond

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We are experts at getting to the heart of your relationship issues to provide you with personalised support when you need it most
When couples come to see us they often complain about having spent time in therapy in the past, or even years trying to improve their current problems alone, without success. This failure often stems from being with a therapist who just listened to their problems, but did not provide any real strategies, or empower them with helpful strategies to improve intimacy, communicate with respect and to feel appreciated and loved within the relationship.
When parents come to see us they often make the mistake of assuming if they can just get someone else to help take care of the kids their lives will be better. But often this doesn’t reduce the guilt they are feeling about not spending time with their children. Learning ways to create a positive life balance becomes more rewarding both personally and professionally as parents create a healthy bond with their kids whilst sustaining a healthy partnership and growing heathy careers too. We have helped many parents to feel confident in their chosen parenting styles and to find ways to rekindle their love and attraction which is often put to the wayside when busy parenting lives set in.
There are common reasons for relationship difficulties which can be improved significantly just by talking to the right person who understands your needs.
Couples are relieved when they have the tools to remedy relationship issues and feelings such as:
struggling to be heard
arguing more than usual
repeatedly fighting over the same issues
living in a stressful environment
feeling lonely
feeling insecure
feeling lost
wanting a change
looking for intimacy outside of your partnership