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    4 years ago · · 0 comments

    The Best New Years Resolution for 2017

    What’s Your New Years Resolution?

    Every year millions of people around the world make New Years Resolutions which they quickly either break, neglect, or forget once the new year commences. The main reason for this is that these resolutions are either too unrealistic, the person is not ready to commit to the resolution, or there was insufficient planning.

    what is motivation

    Boosting Your Motivation

    The Best Resolutions

    The best resolutions are those that are really meaningful to you and that you are confident you can achieve. For instance, deciding to commence a healthy diet is all well and good, but without a diet plan that you believe will fit into your lifestyle and that has a built in formula for boosting motivation when yours wains, it is going to be hard to maintain your resolution for a long period of time. In contrast, if you find a program you believe you will enjoy, you engage those around you to support you and the program is realistic enough to suit your lifestyle (e.g. if you are extremely busy, it’s not a good idea to start a program that expects you to commit to 7 days of 1.5 hours of exercise per day), your chance of success will dramatically increase.

    An easy and powerful new years resolutionĀ 

    This year, why not take up an easier resolution that will have a more dramatic influence on your lifestyle. One great new years resolution, is to decide to be more grateful. This sounds like something ‘airy-fairy’, but in fact grateitude has been shown to be one of the greatest influences of overall happiness. When you focus on things you are grateful for, it not only increases your happiness in the moment, it also detracts you from thinking about the things in your life that have made you unhappy. It also helps you to be clear about whats really important to you in your life and to stop worrying about doing things just to make other people happy.

    So how do you start being more grateful?

    One of the things you can do to start boosting your gratitude is every night before going to bed and every morning when you wake up, listing 5 things that happened that day that made you feel grateful and 5 things you feel grateful about in general. Here is an example:


    1. Living in a safe country
    2. Having good food to eat
    3. Having a loving family
    4. Having a supportive best friend
    5. Building a successful career


    1. That my daughter gave me a hug
    2. That I arrived at work on time
    3. That my partner told me he loved me
    4. That I achieved everything on my to-do list
    5. That I was able to make time for me to exercise

    You can repeat any of these once day after the other. The point is just to commence a routine of being grateful for everything great in your life on a regular basis. If you have children, you can ask them to join in with you – especially before going to bed (asking them what they were grateful about that day).

    Whatever your New Years Resolution is, make a commitment to it, make sure it’s realistic and achievenable and have a good plan to follow through. That way, you can start your next year the way you’d really love to, knowing you’ll your resolutions through.

    Happy 2018

    Lizzie O’Halloran, BBSc, MASR, NLP Prac
    Personal Development Coach & Counsellor