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    Best weight loss tips: Are you Focussing on weight loss or getting healthy?

    5 years ago · · 0 comments

    Best weight loss tips: Are you Focussing on weight loss or getting healthy?

    happy life daily inspirationsBest Weight los Tips: Are you Focussing on weight loss or getting healthy?

    As a health expert I regularly question why obesity and overweight statistics are so high, yet there has never been more information available on how to lose weight. It’s also interesting that whilst on one hand we have a great increased awareness of the detrimental health impacts of sugar and salt, people line up outside new donut stores to purchase the latest junk food craze.

     The desire for pleasure often wins

    Of of our inherent natural instincts is to avoid painful experiences and to seek out things that will give us pleasure. In a society where you may often feel guilty for eating sugar laden food, it makes perfect sense that you might be excited about the opportunity to indulge in a delicious treat ‘if everyone else is doing it’. Being part of the masses reduces your feelings of guilt – at least in the moment!

    What’s going wrong?

    Personally I think society has been fed the wrong message. The media over the past 50 years has portrayed beautiful skinny models as the goal women should aspire to and buff looking male models as the goal for men. However, where is the scientific evidence that being skinny = healthy? People have different body shapes. The goal should not be to be skinny or to have ‘ripped’ muscles. The goal should be to be healthy and to look your best for your own body shape.

    Just because you look good, doesn’t mean you’re healthy

    As a past Natural Bodybuilding athlete for Australia, I saw first hand evidence of what it can take to get ones body to look in perfect peak condition. In my last International competition I saw a number of top althetes gorging on sugary treat prior to entering the physique judging rounds. I thought this was so strange when there I was practically starving myself in the hope of getting just a bit more definition prior tocompetition.

    Wheb I returned home, I asked a few of my bodybuilding mates what they made of this behaviour. All of them believed it was equivalent to the men who skull straight alcohol before entering the judging arena. This is not a method of getting drunk (they are not drinking copious amounts), but rather the sugar in the alcohol has an immediate positive effect on muscular definition – post a competition strict diet.

    This experience really made me realise that at times an external perfect looking physique is not all its cracked up to be.

    So what should we be doing?

    The answer is not to stop trying to be healthy, but rather to stop focussing on how you look physically and focus more on how you feel internally. When you do that, you’re external physical body will respond accordingly.

    • Just imagine if instead of looking in the mirror and criticising yourself, you looked and told yourself how happy you were, how successful you were or how much you were looking forward to your day?
    • Just imagine if instead of berrating yourself for even thinking about junk food, you allowed yourself 1 day per week to really enjoy your treats.
    • Just imagine if you organised your daily meals a week in advance so that you could begin to enjoy recipies for healthy living that taste great and made you feel great too?

    All these things are possible – it’s up to you !

    You make the call

    It’s your turn to decide. Do you want to focus on losing weight, or getting healthy? Make the decision to live a healthy life that brings you more happiness and success than you’re currently attracting into your life. That simple mind shift from weight loss to healthy living is very powerful and is completely in your hands.

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