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    4 years ago · · 0 comments

    These desk stretches help you avoid your daily back pain

    Try the desk stretches

    One of the most important (physical) tasks you can undertake whilst sitting at your desk all day – is stretching.

    In your busy day-to-day work life, it’s likely that you think you don’t have time to stretch. However, a lot of back, shoulder and neck pain can be avoided simply by taking a few moments out of your busy work schedule to stretch.

    Stretching at your desk only takes a few minutes a day and is really easy to do.

    Try these two stretches to start.

    Stretch 1: Shoulder, head and neck stretch

    desk stretches neck, shouldersGently hold this position for 5 seconds without pulling your muscles too hard. The aim is to feel a gentle stretch. If it hurts, you are pulling too hard, so release the stretch and just stretch until it feels soothing on the muscles. Then repeat on the other side.





    Stretch 2: Middle back stretch

    desk stretchesGently hold this position for 5 seconds, without pulling your muscles too hard. Then repeat on the other side.

    The above two stretches are simple and only take a few minutes to undertake properly. The first neck stretch can be extended further, by placing one hand on the side of your head (as shown) and the other under your desk chair.

    By following these simple stretches, you will feel more comfortable at work, increase your levels of concentration, reduce potential depression and assist in avoiding potential damaging desk-based injuries,  in the long term.

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