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    How To Save Time In Daily Life – TOP 3 TRICKS & TIPS

    how to save time in daily life - time
    Top 3 tips for saving time

    One of the most common complaints in modern life and particularly from mothers is – “Why don’t I have enough time to do all the things I really need to do in my day?” The question on most people’s minds is how to save time in daily life. It’s a common complaint of both stay-at-home and working mothers. Mothers often feel exhausted by the magnitude of their daily tasks and feel like they don’t stop all day. However, many mums go to bed wondering why they still can’t get through their to-do lists. Can you relate to this?

    It Doesn’t Have to be This Way. Here are my Top 3 Tips To Save Time & Regain Your Valuable Hours

    Tip 1: How To Save Time In Daily Life – INVEST IN THE BEST GADGETS

    How to save time in daily life, time saving gadgets
    Save time with these brilliant devices

    Gadget 1: Dodow – Sleep Aid Time Saving Device

    Adults need between seven to nine hours of good quality sleep per night for optimum health and function. However, most women (approximately 60%) fall short of this and most mothers get even less. Poor quality sleep leads to poorer memory, high stress, reduced productivity, loss of focus and concentration (in addition to all the negative health consequences of prolonged lack of sleep). So can you imagine how much more efficient you would be if you invested in good quality sleep? This is where the Dodow comes in. According to the developers of Dodow, this compact device aims to retrain your brain to fall asleep. It achieves this through slow rhythmic light, scientifically designed to quickly quiet your mind, slow your breathing and relax your body.

    Gadget 2: Braava Jet Robotic Floor Cleaner – Cleaning Time Saving Device

    How much time do you spend cleaning the floor, particularly cleaning up after meals and playtime? Mothers often don’t realise how much time they spend tidying up (on top of the actual house cleaning). Whilst it’s important to have a clean and tidy home, mothers often guilt themselves into cleaning and tidying every spare moment they have. This leave little time to achieve the really important tasks on your to-do list.

    Obsessive cleaning can also become a habit and can actually become a way to avoid other tasks that seem stressful or overwhelming. This is where the Braava Jet Robotic Floor Cleaner can really save time. The creators of this cleaner state that it cleans the floors for you. You simply pour water into the jet, attach a cleaning pad, place it on the floor, and press play. This means you can still maintain your tidy home without having to feel guilty or wasting your precious time.

    Gadget 3: The Morning App – How To Get Organised Time Saving Device

    The Morning App is a cheap and easy quick-win time saving gadget for mothers. It shows you all your most important items at a quick glance, such as the weather, traffic, calendar, headlines, and tasks that must be completed today. It’s customizable to meet your specific needs and will help to keep you focussed throughout the day and avoid procrastination.

    TIP 2: How To Save Time In Daily Life – SET PRIORITIES STRAIGHT

    How to save time in daily life, prioritise your life

    If you’re like most busy mums, you probably have a running to-do list constantly spinning through your mind. The problem with this list, however, is that it is never-ending. It leaves mothers feeling like constant failures because the list just grows from day to day and there never seems to be enough time to get everything done.

    The key to saving time, is to take a few moments out of your day and look at everything on your to-do list. Divide this list into things you can delegate, things that can wait until later and things you have to do yourself (or that you would like to do). Then being realistic about the amount of time you have available set aside and commit to specific times in your diary to complete the most urgent tasks. Make sure you physically tick these items off your list and celebrate any wins whenever you can. This way you will also become much more conscious of all the great things you are achieving throughout your day.

    TIP 3: How To Save Time In Daily Life – MASTER YOUR THOUGHTS

    how to save time in daily life time saving negative thinking
    Save time by reducing negative thinking

    According to psychologists, human beings have around 40,000 negative thoughts per day. These negative thoughts weigh you down and can lead to lethargy, procrastination, depression, stress and anxiety. Negative thinking is the killer of productivity. The worst part of negative thinking is that it is much more powerful than positive thinking – in terms of brain chemistry. In order to regain control over your day, it is imperative that you pay close attention to your thinking styles and how they might be impacting on your self esteem. There are many self-help strategies for reducing negative thoughts and boosting more positive ones.

    Question your negative thoughts

    One of the most powerful technique is to question your thoughts in the moment. For example, recently a client mentioned she was finding herself obsessed with making friends (being noticed) by a famous parent in her son’s sporting club. She began to get anxious before her son’s games, just in case she might see the famous parent. Her mood would be dependent on whether or not he spoke to her at the weekly game. She would spend hours thinking about what might happen at each game and what she could wear, or say to the famous parent to make him notice her.

    What’s behind your thinking?

    We spoke a lot about what was underlying this obsession. What was really going on here? Why did she feel she needed this famous person’s approval? She realised she was basing her own self-esteem on whether or not she was popular and liked. Being friend’s with a famous person made her feel important. This was the key point.

    how to save time in daily life - controlling negative thoughts

    She soon realised this was NOT the best way to boost her self esteem. In fact, she realised this pseudo-friendship had no bearing on her self-worth. The next week, she stopped herself every time she thought about the famous parent. At eat point she would remind herself that she was attending games to support her son and she wanted her friendships to be based on mutual respect. She focused on what was really important to her and allowed her true self to shine through and grow as a result.


    how to save time in daily life - rushing
    Value your time and make it work for you

    Try putting even one of these time saving techniques into practice this week. Test how much time you can regain in your life. You will be surprised at how much more efficient and productive your can be.

    Author: Lizzie O’Halloran, BBSc, MASR, NLP Prac. Founder of Happy Life & Help For Mums. Author of Perfect Mums: How To Survive The Emotional Rollercoaster of Motherhood AND Refresh Your Life: 30 Day Revolutionary Weight Loss Program

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