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    build self esteem

    Welcome to the How to Build Self Confidence and Improve Self Esteem Program

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    Your self-esteem boost – starts here


    The Happy Life self-esteem program has been designed to be used at your own pace and it very simple to follow. Each week is split into themes with videos, audio and practical guide sheets for you to follow. Simply click on the links below to be taken to your corresponding week. Try to start the week’s activities on the Monday so you give yourself a whole week to gain the most benefit from the program.


    If you come across any difficulties or need further assistance, please contact one of the Happy Life support members via email: so that we can provide you with the guidance you need ASAP.


    Increasing optimism

    Click here to commence Week 1

    Optimism is the key to happiness. Optimistic people are generally happier. Optimists have a more positive outlook on life, have a lower risk of depression and have better overall health and coping skills compared with pessimists.

    improving self image

    Changing the way you see yourself

    Click here to commence Week 2

    People with a high self-esteem generally have more positive opinions of themselves which helps them to present their best foot forward in everyday life and professionally. Positive people also tend to eat healthier foods which results in a healthier and happier perspective of oneself also.

    finding inner voice

    Finding your positive inner voice

    Click here to commence Week 3

    Positive people believe in themselves and are confident enough to be able to give others complements. Positive people also tend to have a more positive inner voice, thus the messages they are sending themselves increase their overall levels of happiness and ability to cope with life’s ups and downs.

    build your self esteem

    Moving from negative to positive thinking

    Click here to commence Week 4

    Positive thinking makes you physically stronger, whereas negative thinking drains your energy and leaves you physically weak. When you think negatively, you’re often twisting the truth, so it’s important to challenge negative thoughts, find the real truth in your thinking and replace the negative thoughts with more realistic and valid positive thinking.

    coping with criticism

    Coping with criticism from yourself and others

    Click here to commence Week 5

    We’re often our worst critics. We rarely congratulate ourselves or others for achieving success and find it much easier to berate ourselves when we feel we’ve made a mistake. When you have a low self self-esteem it can be even more difficult to cope with negative criticism from others. Learning to cope with external criticism and to stop punishing yourself for your ‘mistakes’ is critical to achieving long term happiness.


    erasing the past

    Erasing the negative past

    Click here to commence Week 6

    Guilt is often the emotion that prevents you from moving past previous experiences. We can spend many hours in the day worrying about things in the past, or feeling like victims of our past traumas. It’s important to break from the shackles of the past, start to live in the moment and stop letting your past history shape your future as well.