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    improving self image

    Welcome to Week 2 of the How to Build Self Confidence and Improve Self Esteem Online Course – Changing the Way You See Yourself

    Congratulations on completing Week 1 of the program


    Week 1 was all about shifting your mindset so that you can start to focus on all the great aspects of yourself that you tend to neglect.
    It’s easier for us to believe the negative things we say to ourselves because they often outweigh the positive comments we’re repeating to ourselves over and over again – countless times a day. Negative thinking is a very well ingrained bad habit that we often find easy to support with evidence. We can convince ourselves that other people look at us or feel about us in certain ways – even when we haven’t taken the time to qualify these beliefs. We can also take on board other people’s negative beliefs and feelings which in turn cause us to feel more negative. It’s time to put a stop to this! You’ll find out exactly how to do this as we progress through the program.

    Did You Know?

    Low self-esteem is often coupled with sensitivity to criticism or negative people. One way to cope with negative people is to understand and accept that the world is simply made up of mean/rude and nice/polite people and depending on what’s happening in people’s lives at the time, even nice/polite people can have their ‘bad’ days. You can’t escape encountering rude or mean people in your life, but you can control your reaction to them. So the next time someone is rude to you, instead of getting angry and allowing the encounter to ruin your day, or even worse dent your self-esteem, tell yourself that this person is just filling the world’s quota of rude/mean people. And remind yourself that the law of probability deems that a nice/polite person is not too far away.

    Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.

    Peter Mcintyre

    Why it’s important to have a high self-esteem

    When you have a high self-esteem you have confidence in your abilities and your points of view, so you’re much more likely to stand up for yourself, instead of letting other people walk all over you, or potentially beating yourself up for not being assertive.

    quick self-esteem-boostTry this Quick Self-esteem booster

    If you find yourself feeling down and ‘dumping’ on yourself, put on a song at home that makes you feel like dancing and really jump around the house singing and dancing as if you were out with some friends during a night on the town. If you have kids, dance with them too. This may seem silly, but it REALLY has a powerful ability to shift your mood. Sometimes you just need to snap yourself out of a negative mood state by doing something that makes you feel great.

    Now let’s get started on Week 2

    The 3 Step process

    Simply click on the links below to be taken to your corresponding sections of the self esteem boosting program week’s activities.

    Each activity is very easy to follow. The activities are designed to be interactive and fun, so living happy is never a chore or boring!

    You can also return to the Self Esteem Course HOME PAGE at any time by clicking on the button below.


    Week 2 – Video



    Audio Link – Visualisation

    This week’s audio is focused on visualising yourself happy. It may seem silly at first, but it’s very important to see yourself in a positive like, because until you see the positive side of yourself, you will continue to project a negative image which is not the ‘real’ you. It’s time to show the world who you really are!

    how to be more confident

    Practical Guide


    To start acknowledging your positives, you need to write them down. In order to do this you need to develop a Positive Qualities Record – list down all the positive qualities you can think of, no matter how small, insignificant, modest, or unimportant you think they are.

    In order to put this into practice, we have included a Positive Qualities Record sheet that we would like you to complete before next week. This sheet is very important for you to recognise all the things you’ve achieved in your life that you tend to ignore on a daily basis.

    Start using the Positive Qualities Record today

    Positive Qualities Record