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    finding inner voice

    How to Build Self Confidence and Improve Self Esteem – Week 3 – Finding Your Inner Voice

    Congratulations on completing Week 2 of the program

    This week was all about changing the way you see yourself. This is a very important step in building your self-esteem because the way you see yourself affects the way others see you.
    When you like yourself on the inside, you project a positive energy that people are drawn to.
    What do you do when you look in the mirror every morning? If you’re like the millions of other people in the world who suffer from a negative self-image is more than likely that you point out your faults. This is not the best way to start the day. Instead, why don’t you take out the positive qualities record you completed this week and focus on all these fantastic achievements/qualities. If you catch yourself having a negative thought, tell yourself to STOP and then read through the Positive Qualities Record sheet. You owe it to yourself to start being kinder to YOUR BODY and MIND.

    Did You Know?

    Often we allow other people to dictate how we feel. We stop taking control of our emotions and literally hand over the reins that control our happiness to someone else to take charge. This often happens when you have a low self-esteem in relationships. You tend to put up with way too much negativity, give in to all sorts of demands and give up a lot of things you enjoy – or even other people in your life – in order to please your partner. WHY – because if your self esteem is dependent on this other person, you’ll do anything you can to make him/her happy. It’s critical to try to avoid this trap. It’s not healthy for you and it cripples you to a point where you lose perspective of how you truly deserve to be treated – hence the abused wife who continues to stay with her abuser. By taking these steps to improve your self esteem you will learn to believe in yourself and trust your instincts more. As a result you won’t rely so much on others to make you feel good abut yourself.

    “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”

    Albert Einstein

    Why it’s important to have a high self-esteem

    When you have a high self-esteem you often have a high self-belief. A high self-belief gives you the push you need to achieve your dreams and prevents self-sabotage. An example of self-sabotage is when an opportunity comes your way and you knock it back because you convince yourself that you’re not good enough, not ready, not smart enough – and so on…

    Now Let’s get started with Week 3

    The 3 Step process

    Increase your self esteem at your own pace.  Simply click on the links below to be taken to your corresponding sections of the self esteem boosting program week’s activities. Each activity is very easy to follow. The activities are designed to be interactive and fun, so living happy is never a chore or boring!

    You can also return to the Self Esteem Course HOME PAGE at any time by clicking on the button below.


    Week 3 Video



    Audio Link – Food and Mood

    This audio will demonstrate the physical impact of negative and positive thinking through an arm strength test. It’s incredible to think about the power of negative thinking and the power of positive thinking on your energy levels on a day to day basis. Once you start to pay attention to the impact your thoughts are having on your health, then it’s time to make a commitment to challenging those negative thoughts.

    how to be more confident

    Practical Guide


    It’s important to understand the types of negative thinking you engage in on a daily basis. This style of thinking is likely to hold you back from achieving happiness and success in your life. Open the attached link to learn about the different types of distorted thinking styles you may be engaging in – without even realising it!

    Unhelpful Thinking Styles Sheet