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    How to Build Self Esteem and Improve Self Confidence – Week 4: Moving from Negative to Positive Thinking

    Congratulations on completing Week 3 of the program

    This week was all about generating positive emotions when you need them and using your inner voice to find out what you’d like to do to make your life happier.

    It’s easy to go through each day feeling like we’re not living out our dreams. The first step is to find out what you want to do and then use goal setting and motivation techniques to make things happen.

    It’s important to approach any goal you have, in the same manner that you’d approach a project at work. It’s interesting that we don’t apply these work style simple project management techniques to our personal goals. We expect that things should just happen – and happen quickly. For instance when people decide to lose weight they often expect to reach their goal overnight, without much sacrifice – too much sacrifice involves pain, which results in the abandonment of the program. Instead of developing a long term plan with milestones for encouragement and key progress steps, they start any diet and become frustrated when they don’t reach their goal weight in a hurry. That’s why starvation diets are so popular – people can see instant loss of water retention which fools them into thinking it’s instant weight loss. It’s important for your self-esteem to set realistic and achievable goals and to reward yourself every  time you reach a milestone.

    Did You Know?

    The key to finding out what you want to do in life – career wise – is finding out what makes you happy/feel good. Find out what’s important to you, for example:

    • Job security
    • Taking risks/excitement
    • Feeling satisfied with the work you’re undertaking
    • Having a certain level of income
    • Having an impact
    • Mental stimulation

    Thus, even though you might not love your job, if your primary motivation is job security and you work in a very secure job, remind yourself that this is what ultimately brings you happiness.

    “Always be a first-rate  version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else”

    Judy Garland

    Why it’s important to have a high self-esteem

    When you have a high self-esteem you often have the desire to take controlled risks, rather than to be crippled by fear. Feelings of fear stop you from taking part in things you believe you might enjoy. When you let fear take control of your life, you end up kicking yourself for not allowing yourself to have fun.

    Now Let’s Get Started with Week 4

    The 3 Step process

    Increase your self esteem at your own pace. Simply click on the links below to be taken to your corresponding sections of the self esteem boosting program week’s activities. Each activity is very easy to follow. The activities are designed to be interactive and fun, so living happy is never a chore or boring!

    You can return to the Self Esteem Course HOME PAGE at any stage, by clicking  on the button below.


    Week 4 Video



    Audio Link – Reducing Insecurity

    This audio is all about washing away your negative energy. Listen to this audio as many times as possible this way in order to reduce your negative emotions on a daily basis.

    how to be more confident

    Practical Guide


    This exercise will assist you to understand the 7 major positive and negative emotions and will provide you with a guide to using your inner voice to discover your positive attributes and goals.

    The seven major positive negative emotions

    Discovering Your Positive Attributes