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    6 steps to happiness in motherhood

    Boosting Your Happiness - 6 Step Happiness Method


    Step 1
    Happiness Boosting Resources


    How to Improve Anxiety

    It’s very easy to send yourself negative messages that lead to anxiety, such as those outlined below:

    • I’m hopeless, I’ll never be able to lose weight
    • I have no will power, what’s the point in trying
    • I’m always late. What’s wrong with me?
    • Every time I go to the store I buy a chocolate. I’m doomed to eating it every day
    • I’ll never look like a model, I look repulsive, I hate myself


    These types of anxiety provoking thoughts are generally false, lead to decreased confidence, decreased concentration and can result in further disruptive emotions such as anger and depression. The key is to question whether there is any truth (evidence) in these negative messages, as highlighted below:

    • How do you know that you will never lose weight?
    • Have you never been on time in your life and if not does it really mean there is something wrong with you?
    • Does a model’s figure have anything to do with your body and self worth?

    In this section, you will find articles on various aspects of anxiety, as well as reviews and highlights of recent research studies into this area.

    Tips on Reducing Anxiety

    How To Reduce Depression

    There is a difference between feeling sad and feeling depressed. Although you may experience similar emotions at the time, depression usually lasts for more than two weeks and involves feeling sad most of the time and/or a loss of interest in activities from which you usually derive pleasure.

    One of the most important things to be aware of is that if depression is left untreated it can last for weeks or months. Therefore if you feel you may be experiencing depression, or know someone who is depressed, it’s very important to seek professional help. A good place to begin is the Beyond Blue website ( or at least reading the excellent book ‘Feeling Good, The New Mood Therapy’. This reference book provides loads of information and practical exercises to help lift your spirits and develop a positive outlook on life using scientifically tested techniques. You can find this book at any good bookstore.

    In this section, you will find articles on various aspects of depression, as well as reviews and highlights of recent research studies into this area.

    Tips on Reducing Depression

    1. Beyond Blue, Understanding depression.

    2. Burns, D.D. (1980 & 1999). Feeling Good, The New Mood Therapy (Revised and Updated). Avon Books, New York.

    Boosting Confidence and Happiness

    How To Boost Confidence

    Confidence is vital for you to really succeed in life. Confidence is one of the key elements to living a successful.  Unfortunately, parents are often very busy making a living and looking after the health and wellbeing of their children and neglect this key aspect of development.  Subsequently, many people spend their adult lives feeling insecure, fearful and anxious to step outside their comfort zone, even if it will result in long-term personal growth.


    A) A father who spends time teaching his son about the intricacies of his car engine, later watches his son open his own mechanics store, or help his partner when her car breaks down

    B) A mother who spends time encouraging her daughter to bake, later looks on as her daughter prepares a beautiful meal for guests, or opens her own café.

    C) A teacher spends time encouraging and explaining psychology concepts to a student, later watches as the student follows this new path, excels at university and helps thousands of people through professional practice.


    The good news, however, is that confidence can be learnt.  It may take a little bit of time to conquer negative self-doubt, but it’s worth it.  The tools in this section can be used any time to increase your confidence.  You will soon learn that confidence is task specific. Therefore, you may be a confident write, but not confident at public speaking.  Similarly, you may feel you’re a confident runner, but feel not confident at swimming.  We’re all better and worse at skills in which we naturally excel and those that people encouraged us to take part in. However, this is not to say that parents should feel guilty or that children should blame their parents for their lack of confidence build up.  The cause is simply and explanation for the present and a reminder that we’re all responsible for our lives once we reach adulthood.

    How To Boost Happiness

    The search for happiness is a common motivation for the human population. Finding happiness in experiences and physical possessions is not that difficult, however, this type of happiness often only lasts for a very short period of time. Finding long-term happiness is the real challenge, but where do you start looking? Some researchers propose that happy people tend to feel positively most of the time (rather than having bursts of intense happiness) and are more optimistic and therefore are likely to work actively on a consistent basis to pursue desired goals that sustain their happiness.

    Happiness is an internal construct and as such requires nurturing to develop and grow. Therefore, happiness really comes from a continual emphasis on improving internal thoughts and feelings (this site provides you with tools and guidance for you to achieve your happiness dreams).

    In this section, you will find a video on how to elicit happiness in an instant, articles on how to achieve happiness from various angles in life, as well as reviews of popular comedies to boost your happiness and tools for achieving ultimate happiness.

    Funny movies and shows

    One of the easiest ways to shift your mood is through uplifting music or a funny movie or television series. Below you will find a list of funny movies and shows from various eras. Tell us about a funny movie you’ve seen recently and so we can share it with all our members.

    • The Party
    • A Night at the Opera
    • Zoolander
    • Wallis & Gromit
    • National Lampoons Vacation
    • There’s something about Mary
    • Billy Connolly live
    • Three weddings and a Funeral
    • Friends
    • The Office
    • Will & Grace
    • Fraser

    Download Your Top 10 Happiness List

    This list is especially designed for members to reframe your current state of mind and reshape your life towards achieving the things that really lead to happiness – rather than just going through the motions of life.

    Tips To Boost Happiness


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