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Hi,   I’m Lizzie

The Founder of Help For Mums. I’m a Therapist, Writer, Speaker and mother of two, dedicated to helping mothers to wake up each morning feeling energised, organised and happy. Over the years I have worked with many mothers to build their self esteem and self confidence.

Research shows us very clearly that self esteem in motherhood drops significantly after your child turns 6 months of age and continues to decline if not treated. Self esteem is not the same as happiness. It impacts on happiness, but it’s more about how secure you feel in yourself, how confident you feel as a parent, at work, with friends and family.

When you build your self esteem you are more resilient and can cope so much better with the pressures of modern life. When you truly like yourself, you don’t allow your emotions, energy levels, or stress to impact on your parenting. You provide a positive role model for self esteem and strengthen your children’s resilience to achieve their best.

If you’re experiencing low self esteem, it’s really important not to suffer in silence and try to be supermum. Give yourself permission to seek help. Start with our free resource section and sign up to our free newsletter to receive weekly confidence boosts.

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Self Esteem - Regain Your Confidence & Rekindle Your Relationships

Like All Mothers, You Want The Best For Your Child

Becoming a mother is the most wonderful time of your life. The love you have in you heart expands. You give all you can to ensure your child has the best opportunities to succeed in life and you get great joy from seeing your child succeed.

The intention to raise a healthy, happy, successful, safe and secure child is the best intention a mother can have. However, most mothers achieve this by sacrificing their own wellbeing.

There are periods when you can cope well with the exhaustion, overwhelming demands and expectations of modern parenting. However, the more you push aside your own health and happiness needs, the more parenting feels like a chore. Increasingly, you have a much shorter fuse and snap at your loved ones more than you would like. Neglecting your own health and happiness also often leads to distancing yourself from your partner or friends, which can lead to loneliness and feeling like you’re just going through the motions every day.

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90% of Australian Mums forsake their health and nutrition, as a result of the pressure to be a good mum (Galaxy Research, June 2016)

Your Self-esteem Directly Impacts Your Child’s Wellbeing

From the moment your child is born he/she relies on you for survival. Therefore your child begins life being highly attuned to your emotions and behaviours. If you feel stressed or agitated, your child is likely to have trouble relaxing. However, if you feel calm and sure of yourself, your child is likely to feel secure and trusting.

The more calm and compassionate you are in your parenting, the more resilient your child will be too. When you feel good about yourself, you are much better at extending this positive sense of yourself to your child. Your interactions with your child come from a place of confidence, rather than from a place of insecurity. You can then provide your full attention to your child and respond in a calm and reasoned manner to your child’s needs.

However, if you feel negatively about yourself, your child will model your self esteem and copy negative comments you say about yourself. You are also more likely to take out your negative moods on to your child and then feel guilty afterwards. This further reduces your self esteem and that of your child.

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“Perfect Mum is the only ‘new mum’ book I actually read past 2-3 pages. Lizzie offers calm & logical methods which truly helped me move forward in my struggles adjusting from a high end corporate job to 24/7 motherhood, with the practical tools to maintain a stronger, more positive self belief in myself as a wonderful parent”.

Carly-May, Melbourne Mum

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“The Refresh Your Life Program is a new approach to living a happy/healthy lifestyle that incorporates four secret ingredients into a healthy living plan. It’s designed over four weeks and acts like a personal coach to make shaping up easy, fun and sustainable”.

Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine

COPE-rhow to cope with a newborn baby

“Thanks so much for sending me a copy. I think Perfect Mum is a great resource for mums”.

Nicole Highet. Director & Founder of COPE: Centre of Perinatal Excellence


“Perfect Mum took me back to my early motherhood years. I loved it. Every woman should seriously have a copy”

Grace, Melbourne Mum