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Helping Professional New Mums
To Feel Self Assured, In Control & Boost Vitality


Supporting New Mums
With The Transition To Busy Motherhood

Helping professional new mums to transition
smoothly into motherhood & back into the workforce

perfect mum - anxiety and depression support


There are so many books, websites, guides, and advice out there for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and childbirth. What’s missing are books that not only address and provide solutions for the emotions, depression, and overwhelming stress that befall many new mums around the world every single day, but that also provide a voice for mothers who have experienced these issues first hand. Perfect Mum gives new mums the support they really need, exactly when they need it most.

Perfect Mum is officially endorsed by the Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE) and has been used as a support tool to help new mothers to feel in control, revitalized and happier in their busy roles as a mother and individual.

Perfect Mum provides a highly recommended support tool, which is filled with practical resources for raising energy levels, increasing your confidence, improving health and improving relationships in motherhood.

“Perfect Mum is the only ‘new mum’ book I actually read past 2-3 pages. I was really able to connect with and be inspired by the very relatable topics Lizzie discusses, almost as though every word was written just for me”. Carly May (Melbourne Mum)


How to Regain Control, Self- Assurance & Vitality in Motherhood

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Are You Making These 3 Common Mistakes?

1. Trying to be Supermum

2. Neglecting Yourself

3. Living Disorganised

These three core mistakes have the potential to significantly impact a mothers life. For instance, trying to be Supermum often leads to failure, because these unrealistic standards are often unmet, or are achieved at the expense of your health and wellbeing. Neglecting your needs often leads to physical and mental health problems, such as anxiety or depression and has the potential to result in taking these negative moods out on those you love most. Living disorganised is the quickest road to daily stress, avoidance and procrastination. So, whilst these mistakes are common, they have the potential to impact your relationships, health, career and finances. Every mother wants the best for her child, but most mums feel pressure to try to be perfect and raise perfect children, which often results in feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, emotional, insecure and lonely. In order to support professional new mums returning to work, we developed the ‘Real Supermum’ program. You can read more about the The Real Supermum Program Brochure program here.

Personalised Support For Professional Mums Returning to Work

professional mother returning to work after maternity leave

Supporting Professional Mums Returning To Work After Maternity Leave

There are three critical periods in a professional mums journey into motherhood:

1) Pregnancy

2) The first 1-5 years of parenting

3) Returning to work after maternity leave

When you become a mum, all your focus is on developing a health baby. Pregnancy becomes focussed on ensuring you are doing all you can to eat the right foods, be as calm as possible, and stay active in a manner that is safe for your baby. Whilst this focus is important and necessary, it’s common to neglect your own mental and physical health needs once your baby arrives. Little attention is pregnancy is spent focussing on how you are going to cope with all the changes that occur once your baby enters your new family.

This one-eyed focus unfortunately leaves you vulnerable to stress, exhaustion, overwhelm and ill health in the first year of motherhood and particularly once you re-enter the workforce.

As the demands of managing a household, a social life, your relationship with your partner, finances, fitness/diet and career set in, it’s no wonder this reduced preparation for motherhood results in increased confusion about the ‘right’ way to parent and manage a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the personal impact self-neglect has on your mental health and wellbeing, exhaustion, stress and disorganisation place further strains your career aspirations as you attempt to balance competing demands.

In order to feel in control, self assured and boost vitality, it’s important to:

* develop strong self-confidence
* be organised
* maintain a healthy lifestyle that suits your personal needs
* practice the art of effective and assertive communication within your new role as mother and as an individual
* take time-out when you need it

 In doing so, you:

* do not lose your identity
* can return to work with confidence and reduced guilt
* boost your level of concentration and focus personally and professionally
* create a closer bond with your child
* become a health/happy role model for your child
* increase your energy levels
* feel happier
* trust your instincts
* don’t worry about other people’s opinions
* feel more motivated to exercise
* feel more motivated to be intimate
* build a long lasting loving partnership with their partner
* feel comfortable spending time by themselves when they need it most

Through this balance of learning to prioritise your own needs, whilst STILL prioritising the needs of your child, creates a happy, healthy, secure and save manner in which to live and raise your family – Isn’t this what being a parent is all about?

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