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    Helping Mothers Cope with the Pressures of Motherhood

    What Happens To Your Identity After Pregnancy?

    Self-esteem and Confidence Takes a Dive In Early Motherhood

    Being pregnant, your primary aim is to create a healthy/happy baby. You focus on staying healthy, reducing stressed and being super organised for your new arrival. But soon after your baby arrives – something shifts.

    External influences begin to slowly play a major part in this mindset shift, as you scramble to regain your energy and wellbeing after giving birth. Family dynamics and expectations, professional opinions and opinions of well-wishers  begin to shift your mindset away from feeling your best and being organised in order to parent at your best. Instead the focus leans towards worrying about meeting external expectations of the Perfect Mother.

    Trying to find the BEST parenting methods begins to outweigh being your best self. So regardless of your self-esteem prior to childbirth, in this state, your self-esteem becomes a prime target for self destruction.

    This idea of best parenting shifts away from a parents true focus – to raise a happy, healthy, safe and secure child. Instead mothers judge themselves on the parenting styles they have chosen and berate themselves when they feel too tired, stressed or overwhelmed to put these styles into practice.

    Breastfeeding is a perfect example of this. The aim of breastfeeding is to feed a baby the most nutritious meal to aid growth, bonding and development But… when a mother has an issue with breastfeeding, the first thing she does is criticize herself. Instead, what she should be doing is assessing the situation, adjusting accordingly and simply judging herself based on how healthy and happy her baby is – not on whether she breastfed or bottle-fed to achieve the same outcome.

    With a lowered self-esteem mums begin to self-doubt, self-criticize and to feel overwhelmed, exhausted and insecure. As a result, it can be very difficult to re-focus on what’s really important – creating a happy/healthy child.

    Help For Mums aims to support mothers to return to that wholistic pregnancy mindset

    When you’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, sick of yelling at the kids and full of guilt – it’s time to get back to that pregnancy mindset. This mindset is then integrated with Calm Parenting tools and techniques to ensure you parent calmly with confidence.

    At Help For Mums you will find online calm parenting and self esteem courses, you can book in for personalised counselling/life coaching or couples counselling, take home our Perfect Mum Guide or Refresh Your Life program, or simply access the wealth of free support in our online Blog.

    stressed mother
    stressed mother
    stressed mother

    Most Calm Parenting courses only focus on the parenting aspects of being a calm parent, but neglect you as a mother. In order to be a calm parent you need to focus on both of these things. In order to put good parenting into practice you must feel your best. Exhaustion, low self-esteem, guilt, anxiety and stress make it very hard to put calm parenting into practice. This is where Help For Mums is different. We take a wholistic approach to calm parenting – ensuring you feel your best to parent calmly with confidence consistently.


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    Did You Know.... Australian working mums with children under 5 are stressed 90% of the time?

    Bellamy’s Organic – Galaxy Research of 1000 mothers – Australia

    • 9 in 10 risked their health trying to be “super mums”.
    • 9 in 10 mums forsook their health due to the pressures of being a good mum but then felt they were being judged when they didn’t look or feel their best
    • 68% felt bad having ‘me time’ away from their child
    • 83 % felt judged by strangers if their child misbehaved in public
    • 86 % felt like a bad mum based on comments from family and friends
    • 72% felt bad if they returned to work too quickly after childbirth
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