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HELP FOR MUMS: Empowering Mums To Thrive

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Whilst Raising Happy & Healthy Children

We Provide Counselling and Coaching For Mums and Couples

Our 3 Core Principles

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The best parenting comes when you feel calm, healthy and energised. When you engage in good quality mental and physical self care, you give your child the gift of a more positive, happy, consistent parent. Making your needs as important as those of your child results in positive role modelling and calm and consistent parenting.

positive parenting program

Confident parenting comes from truly understanding the needs of your child. Learning about child developmental stages, child temperament and best parenting style researchers have found to be the most successful in raising children who are both academically strong and emotionally stable

positive parenting program

Parenting successfully is so much easier when there is some level of order and balance. Whatever your preference, learning the skills of effective time management, decluttering and how to create balance in your life, will bring more peace and harmony to your home.


We Provide Counselling and Coaching with a Focus on Parenting, Careers, Personal and Couple Concerns – In 3 Ways


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Week by week our online courses seamlessly guide you through proven tools to powerfully improve your life from the comfort of your own home. Our methods and techniques have been tried and tested with clients in personalised one-on-one coaching sessions, so you gain the maximum benefits, without having to spend a fortune on coaching to achieve the same result. Plus, once you sign up to our programs, you gain lifetime access.


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Our 6 Week Counselling and Coaching Packages are designed to guide and support you through your personal and professional issues effectively and successfully and find confidence, happiness and health in life. We help parents deal with a range of issues; i.e. parenting support, relationship management; career success; stress/anxiety control and more.


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We understand the lives of busy parents. That’s why we have developed a range of products and services you can start using right now from the privacy of your own home. From self-help books/programs to a range of free information and even free quiz‘s you can take online now to learn more about yourself, we have something to suit everyone’s needs.

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Hi I'm Lizzie, the Founder of Help For Mums

I’m a Therapist, Writer, Speaker and mother of two beautiful girls. I am dedicated to helping mothers to wake up each morning feeling energised, organised and happy. Having been a professional athlete, counsellor, nanny and working in the corporate world for many years, I have a unique take on helping mothers to develop and maintain wellbeing, happiness and a career, whilst raising balanced, happy and well-rounded children.

Research shows us very clearly that what children wish for most, is for their parenting to reduce their levels of stress. Unfortunately, most mothers are pushing themselves to try to be ‘perfect’ and in the end this leads to more stress, reduced self esteem and even long term illness. Research has shown us that self esteem in motherhood tends to decline after your child turns 6 months of age and continues to decline when neglected. Self esteem and self confidence are closely linked. They both impact on your happiness and that of those closest to you. When your self esteem is high, you feel more secure and confident in your relationships, as a parent, at work, with friends and family.

When you boost your self esteem you feel more resilient, you can manage your time better and can cope so much better with the pressures of modern life. When you are balanced caring for your needs and those of your child, you don’t allow your emotions, energy levels, or stress to impact on your parenting. You provide a positive role model for self esteem and strengthen your children’s resilience to achieve their best.

If you’re experiencing low self esteem, it’s really important not to suffer in silence and try to be supermum. Give yourself permission to seek help. Start with our free resource section and sign up to our free newsletter to receive weekly confidence boosts.

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Being a Good Role Model, Means Looking After YOUR Needs Too

From the moment your child is born he/she relies on you for survival. Therefore your child begins life being highly attuned to your emotions and behaviours. If you feel stressed or agitated, your child is likely to have trouble relaxing. However, if you feel calm and sure of yourself, your child is likely to feel secure and trusting.

We all have bad days

But.. when those bad days become weeks or even months, you can begin to reach breaking point.¬† That’s when it’s time to seek help and regain control. Rather than feel guilty and ashamed for feeling anything negative, give yourself permission to ask for help. Understand that you’re human and the EVERYONE needs help from time to time. Don’t push your emotions down and struggle forward.¬†Decide you are going to become more resilient, stronger and more confident.

positive parenting solutions

What Our Client & Partners Are Saying About Our Products & Services

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“Perfect Mum is the only ‘new mum’ book I actually read past 2-3 pages. Lizzie offers calm & logical methods which truly helped me move forward in my struggles adjusting from a high end corporate job to 24/7 motherhood, with the practical tools to maintain a stronger, more positive self belief in myself as a wonderful parent”.

Carly-May, Melbourne Mum

perfect mum book - perfect parenting solutions

“A new approach to living a happy/healthy lifestyle that incorporates four secret ingredients into a healthy living plan. It’s designed over four weeks and acts like a personal coach to make shaping up easy, fun and sustainable”.

Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine

COPE-perfect mum book - perfect parenting solutions

“Thanks so much for sending me a copy. I think Perfect Mum is a great resource for mums. I often also talk with mothers who call for advice and I will certainly refer to your book”.

Nicole Highet. Director & Founder of COPE: Centre of Perinatal Excellence

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“Perfect Mum took me back to my early motherhood years. I loved it. Every woman should seriously have a copy”

Grace, Melbourne Mum

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Get Baby Ready - Online Pregnancy Course